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NinisNinis 1 year ago
Yes be warned. He also took my money, gave me a fake tracking number and no perfume. That’s the last I ve heard from him. Let’s hope he sees the light!
OdysseusOdysseus 1 year ago
Maybe he died from Covid?!? Or he might be in a coma and when he wakes up again he will send everyone their perfumes WITH a refund, for the inconvenience. Or maybe he ended his life after Trump lost the election. There are so many reasonable explanations ... :D
CuirCuirCuirCuir 1 year ago
This guy has defrauded more people here. It shouldn't be hard for the police to locate him. Just someone should file a police report in Germany...
OdysseusOdysseus 1 year ago
Hey Gholam Zoghian (or "Kirsikirsi"),
I sent you €220.00 EUR on September 22, 2020 for Bvlgari Gyan and you never even gave me a tracking #. Now you haven't been active on Parfumo for OVER 31 days and you won't respond to your personal PayPal email either.
You've listed yourself as a "female", when you are obviously NOT! Good luck with the sex change and maybe one day you will actually move to Finland, because I doubt that is true about you either...
Don't try to steal $$$ from other Parfumo members again.
Steven Loudaros
ScentDaneScentDane 1 year ago
Great pleasure buying from you. Fair prices and fas shipping :)
CaineCaine 1 year ago
Great seller, serious person and fast shipping, so everything was fine. Hope to deal with you again in the future!