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Kobie 8 months ago 2 2
I didn't like the perfume for the first few days. I like loud complicated smells, especially since my skin eats them up, but then I sprayed it on a jacket and he got to me.
This fragrance is not meant to be loud, it is a bit of art worn by a woman who is content with her life. She has already seduced someone, fallen in love, has her life together. She's on a date with her partner, she's wearing her favorite Chanel bag and feminine Pluriel is her jewelry.
Her partner knows her well, she is the right one for him. She is sometimes passionate, but not now, today she is just feminine and he feels at home around her. He gave her a bouquet of her favorite flowers earlier in the day and this reminded her to wear this particular perfume. It's not loud, it's the simplicity of maturity when you have nothing else to prove.
They are happy and keep to themselves. This love lasts, the perfume not necessarily, but they do not need that today.
On clothing, depending on the fabric, a good week, otherwise abt 2-4 hours as a skinscent, but ofc, it all depends on skin chemistry. It's good for women who love the French style but get a headache from loud perfumes and for women who like me seem to be able to wear any mfk, loud or not.
I find the price a bit much for what it is, but its ok when theres a sale.
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