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5 years ago

I bought a Rubj perfume from Dear Chipsy. I love this forum and this scent!

What a beautifull strong floral, perfect for winter hmmm and maby for evening use. When got home from work and its time for cup of tea and sit down to breath *Smiles*. I consider this scent to be comforting kinda. And definitely Rubj Perfume is special, unique. I have not sniffed anything like it before. 

Thanks Dear Chipsy for good trading and fast delivery. *Hugs*

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5 years ago

Ahhh, I bought from MarieLaVie a wonderfull scent, Sahlini La Femme!

We are atm -22celsius, creepy cold weather and la Femme`s oriental and vanilla aromas are warming up very well. What a wonderfull scent for mid winter; sensual, deep, special, feminine, lots of charm and sefl confident. This is beter than I was remembering. Though, its long time since I sniffed the sample *Smiles* I definitely love this beauty, thank You dear for trading. 


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6 years ago


Summer is turned to Autumn here in North Finland and soon its raining snow. And this always brings to my heart longing to woody oriental scents.

Today I have been sniffing Boucheron Boucheron, maby this is a bit too light for dark period of year, eaven if its spicy kinda floral, but not actually woody much, well other in my wrist was Joop Femme, and Jess, this raised up that kind of joy in my chest this is truely the kind I think to purchase for autumn time, also I felt in love with Parfumerie Generale Bois de Copaiba, very much mysterious scent. For evening with candle light and fire in fire place; soft comforting and warming. I got at summer time from Lianne Tio parfumery Tolu sample and this One is also feeding my feelings very deeply and I think this goes also to my purchase list. Please, dear ones let me know if You are having some good suggestions for cold period of year for woody florals.

Rainbowy Hugs**

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I want everyone know that with these very trustfull Ladies and Gent(s) I have had so wonderfull swaps /or purchase. They are all very trustfull, generous and lovely. I surely can recommend these people;

Dab *** Gesch *** Guusje *** Tarata *** Mistress *** Triplex***PBullFriend *** MarieLaVie

You all are so wonderfull and I have huge joy in my heart I have met You and You all are existing there where ever You are in this universe.

Rainbowy Hugs***

Hi Dear Ones,

I just wonder to find something very fine chypre floral kinda white frower bomb. The kind it is mixed very beautifull way... balanced well, lady like... total balance and beautifull would be good "symbolism" for that scent. I do not know how to explain that I have in my mind... fresh also and sensual. I am not out of "old schoolish" scents either. If You people have suggestions, please share those with me. I love to hear and experience more.

Thank You. I will let know if I find my Perfect chypre.

Rainbowy angel hugs.

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