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I have


Merlina Merlina 3 years ago
here you are!! hahaha....I'm Silvia!!! I will take a look what you have here , muak!
Snoopy Snoopy 7 years ago
It's overwhelming, such a wonderful collection, I'm speechless...
Sonnenfee Sonnenfee 7 years ago
A wonderful collection!! :D
Kosmoskukka Kosmoskukka 7 years ago
Thanks Guusje ;D smiling wide. I just ordered sample bottles from Usa, waiting them to come. I can make decants, or swap bottles too. People just have to ask, *sighs*
Guusje Guusje 7 years ago
I had to scroll! hahah so big your collection is! Look at all those colors ;) they must smell Great! :)