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Organza Ind├ęcence (1999) (Eau de Parfum) - Givenchy

Organza Ind├ęcence (1999) (Eau de Parfum) The Frederic Malle Dries Van Noten- Dolce Vita connection
I knew regular Organza from its first edition, as I remember my mother received it as a birthday gift, and I kept using it sneakily until she let me have the bottle. Being a youngster I quickly moved on to other...


KraxaKraxa 3 years ago
Hello Anessa, I remember you as well
AnessaAnessa 3 years ago
Greetings and best wishes for the friendly person I remember from another site :)
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Hello and welcome. I wish many new impressions and a lot of fun ;-D
Best regards, TIA