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7 years ago
Sophia (Cologne) by Coty

Sophia (Cologne)„1st Celebrity Fragrance”
This was the first celebrity fragrance. It has fallen into obscurity over the years and has long disappeared off retail shelves. I found a stash in my mother's vanity! Coty was once the greatest marketer for inexpensive quality fragrance. This proved to be one of the best....

7 years ago
Calandre (Eau de Parfum) by Paco Rabanne

Calandre (Eau de Parfum)„Future Shock”
Calandre was post modern, ultra chic and now too good to be true. Its was very stylish in 1969. Indeed, its aldyde-floral mastery could easily fit onto the 2001 Pan Clipper. It was futuristic glamour ready for the perfume world. Frosty roses mingled with other flowers...


GreysolonGreysolon 7 years ago
Krmarich, I've been enjoying your reviews. I love how you're able say so much so concisely. I need to take a page from your book when it comes to writing reviews! So glad you've joined us on Parfumo!
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Welcome to Parfumo Krmarich ... nice to have you with us!!
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Hello Krmarich, nice to see you here :)
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Great to see you here Richard - was counting on you showing up sooner or later :)
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I'm glad you're here! Can't wait for your reviews. :)
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Waving to you from a Cincinnati Ohio native, Will be looking foward to reading your posts.
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Welcome to Parfumo, Krmarich. Nice of you to join us.
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Hi gang! I thought I would continue my rants and raves here! Look for updates soon.