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5 years ago
Scent 8.0
Thirty Three by Ex Idolo

Thirty Three„many oud+roses out there, but not all are as fair”
This is pure heaven. Its in the same vein as Kurkdjian's Lumiere Noire Pour Femme, another heartbreaking love of mine. This is the kind of rose I have decided I really like, non powdery, dark dark DARK rose and in your face oud and patchouli...

5 years ago
Scent 5.0
Amber Mystique by Estēe Lauder

Amber Mystique„moving along ”
I would have called this Oriental Mystique instead of Amber Mystique as the amber, powdery here, plays a supporting role with other equally vocal cast members. It's balmy, deep, slightly dark and mildly sweet. I am irritated that I cannot find more to say about a limited...


Exciter76Exciter76 4 years ago
Hey, I didn't know you were over here too!

Hi! :)
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Hey there! So happy to see you here!
(smile4thecamera in the other world)
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Welcome to Parfumo Kxnaiades, enjoy!