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LambLamb 7 years ago
Felci - L'Erbolario

Felci If you like felci, rather go to the forest.
No almond here, please disperse. L'erbolario is very timid. It's his/hers policy. That's OK by me, but it requires more than a policy to make a scent. If you haven't tried Felce Azurra (and you most likely did), if you haven't...

LambLamb 7 years ago
Clean for Men / Clean Men - Clean

Clean for Men / Clean Men A white trash
This is a darn trash of a scent. Don't get me wrong, I'm a trash lover, but still, this scent screams trash. Longevity is less than mediocre, opening is ('gulp') a, less than what one could expect. Plastic fantastic. Starts flowery and violet-like...


ApiciusApicius 7 years ago
Hello Lamb, welcome to Parfumo!

I wish you a lot of fun here!