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LarimarLarimar 8 years ago
Rumeur (1934) (Extrait) - Lanvin

Rumeur (1934) (Extrait) The original Rumeur - the chypre of chypres?
(2011 review) I haven't quite managed to understand Rumeur in its different vintage forms I have. There is one very butch, leathery and mossy version (which I like most) and others that are very chypré and, yes,...

LarimarLarimar 8 years ago
En Avion (Eau de Parfum) - Caron

En Avion (Eau de Parfum) En Avion - Homage to Hélène Boucher and Amelia Earhart!
I confess that the opening of En Avion is my absolute favorite in perfumery (that I have experienced so far)... it's ravishingly beautiful, daring, sexy and breathtaking. En Avion in extrait (there is no point...


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