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LarimarLarimar 7 years ago
Rumeur (1934) (Extrait) - Lanvin

Rumeur (1934) (Extrait) The original Rumeur - the chypre of chypres?
(2011 review) I haven't quite managed to understand Rumeur in its different vintage forms I have. There is one very butch, leathery and mossy version (which I like most) and others that are very chypré and, yes,...

LarimarLarimar 7 years ago
En Avion (Eau de Parfum) - Caron

En Avion (Eau de Parfum) En Avion - Homage to Hélène Boucher and Amelia Earhart!
I confess that the opening of En Avion is my absolute favorite in perfumery (that I have experienced so far)... it's ravishingly beautiful, daring, sexy and breathtaking. En Avion in extrait (there is no point...


DrB1414DrB1414 7 days ago
Such a great member of the community. Not only for doing business with but also talking about fragrance in general. Many thanks for the perfumes!
Tally7Tally7 5 months ago
Thank you for our smooth international deals, for your time and friendly communication. I am very happy I met you here and hope those deals weren´t our last.
Oscarsh86Oscarsh86 8 months ago
A pleasure to deal with Oliver.
I would do it again.
Kind regards from Spain.
MiaTrostMiaTrost 8 years ago
Excellent reviews, thanks for sharing your thoughts!
SophiSophi 10 years ago
Welcome Larimar.Nice to see you here :)
Moni43Moni43 10 years ago
Oh, please, hab ich gern gemacht. Ich kann naturgemäss besser deutsch als english. Have a nice time.
FlaconneurFlaconneur 10 years ago
Welcome to parfumo, Larimar. Nice to have you here.
Moni43Moni43 10 years ago
Hallo lieber Larimar, ganz herzlich willkommen auf parfumo.
ApiciusApicius 10 years ago
Hello Larimar, welcome to Parfumo! Have fun!