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LasagneLasagne Wearing the last drops of vintage Antaeus. Delighed and sad at the same time, if you know what I mean... :D 3 months ago

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LasagneLasagne 8 months ago
Herod - Parfums de Marly

Herod No king's lunacy, just royal attitude
Because of the kindness of some of the community members some time ago, when I made it my focus to experience the tobacco/vanilla combos, I have managed to get the Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille and Phaedon Tabac Rouge samples, probably...

LasagneLasagne 3 years ago
Divin'Enfant - Etat Libre d'Orange

Divin'Enfant Scent of an unfulfilled dream
Among the few of the ELDO’s that I have sampled so far, this one is a winner when it comes to the longevity and aura. A very comfortable blend of soft tobacco scent with some sweet powder and a lot of tonka - but I like it. The opening...

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Very realistic and warm juicy tangerines scent. Reminds me of lit up sparklers on the New Year's Eve and that makes it even more cozy & fun!
Probably the finest saffron centered perfume I have sampled. I dislike the note, but this is nicely done, a bit bitter and a tad sweet.
Wearing last few drops of the vintage version. Man, this is a legendary perfume of the true masculinity and allure. True class.
Cold, very natural, toned down and metallic lavender scent. The pineapple gives it a very interesting twist, adds to the metallic feel...
An opulent, but quite bearable and sensual mimosa centered scent.
A bit gloomy, a lot sexy, gentlemanly animalic perfume. This speaks volumes! Love, forever.
Expected wonders, but... Strongly reminded of Swiss Arabian Casablanca, just a tad bit less sweet.
For the males that want to lose virginity with the iris in perfumes - this is the best way ;D Dior Homme but more likable, gourmand.
Beautiful non-typical citrus scent, as it dries down, it starts to remind me of Millesime Imperial, leaning towards masculine.
One of the most elegant male leather fragrances, certainly adored by the Kouros & Fahrenheit fans! Loving it!



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