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LasagneLasagne 3 years ago
Divin'Enfant - Etat Libre d'Orange

Divin'Enfant Scent of an unfulfilled dream
Among the few of the ELDO’s that I have sampled so far, this one is a winner when it comes to the longevity and aura. A very comfortable blend of soft tobacco scent with some sweet powder and a lot of tonka - but I like it. The opening...

LasagneLasagne 3 years ago
Roses Vanille - Mancera

Roses Vanille True to it's name
A perfume that will definitely thrill all the lovers of gourmand type of scents, provided that they are fond of the rose accords as well… A very elegant note of the queen of flowers which in this perfume -thank heavens - is not cloying, but sings...

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One of the most elegant male leather fragrances, certainly adored by the Kouros & Fahrenheit fans! Loving it!



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