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Ishtar Ishtar - Rogue - 1 month ago
Hands washed with old powdery green soap in lukewarm water on a mid-june sunny afternoon. A kiss in the girlfriend's just washed wet hair.
Sandal, frankincense and honey, opening fresh and leading to a non-overpowering rose makes you feel bathing in the afternoon sun. Pleasant!
21 Conduit St 21 Conduit St - Jovoy - 6 months ago
More refined and fresher take on Blood concept AB Black, a beautiful blend of bitter & fresh citrus warm and cosy wood notes, mildly sweet.
Late drydown of Shalimar, with very emphasized vanilla notes, followed by faint floral nuances. Cosy, but pretty boring, somehow.
Alien Fusion Alien Fusion - Mugler - 11 months ago
Looks like this was rehashed to make it more appealing to young ppl than the classic Alien. Starts off nice, than it takes a turn for worse.
1 - 5 by 15