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Alien Fusion Alien Fusion - Mugler - 4 months ago
Looks like this was rehashed to make it more appealing to young ppl than the classic Alien. Starts off nice, than it takes a turn for worse.
Very realistic and warm juicy tangerines scent. Reminds me of lit up sparklers on the New Year's Eve and that makes it even more cozy & fun!
Probably the finest saffron centered perfume I have sampled. I dislike the note, but this is nicely done, a bit bitter and a tad sweet.
Wearing last few drops of the vintage version. Man, this is a legendary perfume of the true masculinity and allure. True class.
Cold, very natural, toned down and metallic lavender scent. The pineapple gives it a very interesting twist, adds to the metallic feel...
1 - 5 of 11