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Laurana77Laurana77 11 months ago
Baccarat Rouge 540 (Eau de Parfum) - Maison Francis Kurkdjian

Baccarat Rouge 540 (Eau de Parfum) Okay But Overpriced Saffron-Cedar-Smokey Fragrance
It's pleasant enough. At first, I didn't smell much and wondered if it was a skin scent or if I had suddenly become anosmic. Then the saffron came through and it's quite potent. It was swiftly followed by smoky...

Laurana77Laurana77 12 months ago
Frank No. 1 (2014) - Frank

Frank No. 1 (2014) Intoxicating Clean & Fresh Sophisticated Aromatic Fougere
This is a classy, sophisticated, clean and sensual fragrance which is extremely well blended and quite unique. Opening with a lusty fruity blast of lime, bergamot and pink pepper, it's a fresh and clean fragrance...


Laurana77Laurana77 2 years ago
"A perfume is an intimate object, it is the reflector of the heart."
- Emanuel Ungaro