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LeathermountLeathermount 7 years ago
Saving Grace - DSH Perfumes

Saving Grace No-holds-barred rose!
I think if I’d been expecting this, I might have loved it. But in DSH's stated context of aromatherapy, or relief from sensory overload, this is just a little too much. It’s very fizzy and sweet. So powerful that it’s hard to believe...

LeathermountLeathermount 7 years ago
Otis & Me - Jazmin Saraϊ

Otis & Me Great song! Scent can't live up to its namesake.
I'm trying the perfume for the first time. The top feels a little generic-aquatic. I tend to get that with cardamom aromachems, a connection exploited I think in the concept behind Epice Marine. The heart...


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