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Lexa 10 months ago

LexaThe Next One
There are days when my mind tries to reconstruct all the steps i took until realising how big my love for perfumes turned out to be. As it happens,i do recall those days,right in the very beginning.The day i met the most wonderful rose i had ever smelled in my life.(not that i knew it was a rose back then,notes were not my friends yet).It was a maddening half...

Lexa 11 months ago

LexaThe Road so far
There are times when i cannot stop wondering what brought me to this exact moment.How many years have passed without me having this passion ?For the life of me i cannot remember how i survived until the day i found my happiness in a bottle of Black Afgano by Nasomatto.Cloudy cold spring day , greyish rainy chilly afternoon ,trembling with the excitement...