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The Next One

There are days when my mind tries to reconstruct all the steps i took until realising how big my love for perfumes turned out to be. As it happens,i do recall those days,right in the very beginning.The day i met the most wonderful rose i had ever smelled in my life.(not that i knew it was a rose back then,notes were not my friends yet).

It was a maddening half crippled slow spring evening,that kind when you hardly notice anything that's not your bussiness,grownups walking with their heads down ,counting their own steps in an eternal one -two one-two,some horrifying landscape stuck up above their umbrellas,dark clouds filled up with one of the coldest of rains in the spring of 2016. Wet sideways,bright shop windows,dim lights coming from a particular weird looking traffic light and I,in a very good mood,loving the images unfolding in front of my eyes cause i enjoy rainy weather,makes me feel weirdly ( not all as someone would expect from a person as happy as i am)amazing.

Not sure what made me open the Perfumery door,was either the blowing like crazy wind or the suddenly huge rain drops,but i know i was attracted like a moth to the light.I remember walking to the Boadicea shelf and then everything lighten up,like a revelation,or better said ,like a television soap opera ray of light falling on the Ardent bottle. And there is was,the subject of the dreams that later were going to haunt my nights. I dropped on one knee like a calvalry scout in a western movie,oblivious of the people passing by me ,they all being exactly as i was,dazed by all the possibilities.I reached out toward the grey metal weird shaped bottle,almost touching it but i drew my hand back, a bazillion thoughts running through the isles of my brain. What s that??? What if i like it? But worse,what if i don't??? The SA approached,and asked if i wanted a blotter to sample. No,i didn't want,i needed it on my skin,right there on the pulse area. And she sprayed it.It didn't occur to me that a single puff would make me want to take the bottle from her hands with a desperate gesture, pay and run away with it(wait,what??).

Sweet. Sweet like the most incredible jammy rose dipped in resinous honey,like holding your nose so close to it,all the nuances invading my senses and driving me insane as Ferdinand the bull from the cartoons we all remember. That s how i felt smelling Boadicea the Victorious Ardent. I had no idea how oud should smell like,little did i care about it,all i knew was that a liquid emotion was talking to me in a voice only i could hear.The smell was both intoxicating and irresistible and was calling for me in languages only i could understand. I could see small hummingbirds wearing my face sipping the nectar from a huge red rose,bees making honey,fields of purple flowered saffron singing when the day's last pink turns to ash.A many facets smooth and tender chocolatey patchouli was embracing in a soft hug the composition while a strong yet silky woodsy base and floral subtones were enveloping the sweetness of the most fairylike perfume i've ever smelled. Ardent was mine for the taking,was merging with my soul,was the one that until this day stayed ,and there is no way of it going away.Ever.

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