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The Road so far

There are times when i cannot stop wondering what brought me to this exact moment.How many years have passed without me having this passion ?For the life of me i cannot remember how i survived until the day i found my happiness in a bottle of Black Afgano by Nasomatto.Cloudy cold spring day , greyish rainy chilly afternoon ,trembling with the excitement of the encounter with what was to become the main reason of joy in my so boring life.I can recall the exact moment i put my hand on the small bottle filled with a pitch black liquid, as I had never seen until then, the bottle that would make me fall in love,for the rest of my life with this miracle called perfumery.Oh,i wasn't a novice ,not at all,as i used to break into Mom's cabinet and literally spray every single bottle of Guerlain,Dior,Chanel i could see.You see,my Mother is a perfume lover since she was a little girl,and i never felt i could follow her footsteps ,i loved to smell good but i never gave too much attention to the amount of bottles someone should own or how many types of scents there were. But when i met the little Black Afgano it was like i was opening my airways for the very first time. i had no idea about notes,ingredients,or anything remotely alike,but i knew i was in love. I remember closing my eyes,the scent invading my entire being,the incensy herbal smoky woodsy dark steam working its way to the pleasure centers, and little did i know, the addiction centers also. I don't know what got to me first,the woody bigger than the bottle itself black cap,the tiny square container,the dark tar like liquid or the never --thought -this -smell -existed fragrance.All i know is it became clear from the very first sniff that Black Afgano was for me. The dark oudy resinous green tobacco sprinkled with almost burnt coffee beans,the images that kept vividly unfolding in my almost crazy with the thrill of discovery mind,that episode of enlightenment was the pillar that led to my crazy hobby ,passion,way beyond addiction i suffer from nowadays. I was, there and then ,kneeling at the feet of the biggest passion there is for me,Lady Art of Perfumery. What a glory,what a day! And now,6 years later,i am still there, still worshipping,on a way larger scale and i am still waiting for that perfect unique scent that will make me stop the quest, the quest of finding my fragrant mate,my perfume,my one and only,the one that will make my heart skip a beat ,the one that will make me want to search no more.

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