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Nüwa lastest formulation is not what your usual Roja Dove fragrances tend to be.It isn't a luxurious chypre,a wonderful oud blend or a frankincense masterpiece for that matter. When it first touches the skin one tends to get a bit shocked.Because apparently Nüwa is a very simple fragrance.It stays liniar somehow,and only a few notes unfold. Oh boy but how those notes are! I've always been in love with sandalwood,the good one,that in White by Puredistance and that one in the old formulation of Xerjoff's Richwood (the new one doesn't impress) and Nüwa has the best possible.It opens with a burst of natural citruses and right after the roses follow. Jammy roses,bit gourmandish from the sweetness of the benzoin resin,but nevertheless the most amazing rose de mai scent,followed up by the sandalwood.I have no idea if this is the famous Mysore sandalwood,but it better be for that price tag. So we have citruses,and the famous rose sandalwood concoction. That's about it.But trust me when i say that even though in the very beginning Nüwa doesn't amaze by complexity or the richness of those so many notes in Roja's creations,it is a gorgeous fragrance,and the quality of the ingredients used makes it that way.One might sniff the place where was sprayed over and over again and that in my opinion is not bad at all.Does Nüwa worth the pricetag? Yes,definetly,cause if your choice is of the other similar ones you might pay pretty much the same.
#sandalwood #roses

5 Awards
I’ve tested this fragrance when i was just entering the Niche world,so it was pretty much a shocking experience for me. Because Portrait of a Lady is a love or hate scent,for me ar least. So,at first i found it strange. Was so cold and so untouchable,a perfume more towards unisex than ladylike,with such a selfish vibe,was almost screaming ‘leave me alone,don’t touch me’. Of course back then i left it rot in a box,wasn’t for me.
I received these days a decant from a non reformulated bottle. Rose-patchouli combo,with a slight touch of raspberry,totally drowning in incense. Same cold incense i remembered from the first encounter. I don’t like this fragrance. Makes me feel very uncomfortable,and why lie,makes me pretty sick too. With a longevity of least 10 hours,a pretty strong sillage and a truly unisex vibe,Portrait of a Lady is perfectly wearable by a man also. It is not a jammy rose scent,not even fit for a young woman in my opinion,this is not for me. I totally refuse to wear or even smell it. I had only one experience like this. With Fracas Piguet. Of course they are not even remotely alike,but it gave me the same bad feeling. But it has its lovers. Which i absolutely admire. This is not a bad fragrance,not at all,but i believe this is a stone cold hearted one. You can find this mix at every step of the way in the perfume world,but this here is pretty much one of a kind.Conclusion: i don’t like it and i hope not to ever smell it again.

5 Awards
I wanted to write a statement,i lately do that,far more better for some fragrances that only need a few words for revealing their trueselves. Like a Roja. A Roja doesn't need an elogy from me,because it is an elogy to perfumery itself,i would only tell people they are well worth trying.
But others need a few words. Like Poison Girlie here. I must admit i judged the little flanker without smelling it,why even bother,pink bottle,nice looking Poison model,but i thought everyone knew what was all about,wasn't it ? Another sweet s** stuff. Was waiting for my plane the other day to return home(not that anyone cares,but just sayin') and was trying to work my way through the Duty Free Perfumery (2 h to wait,wth)
Took them all,those i didn't have any chance to smell,and really cut them into pieces( theoretically speaking,course),there were 2 damn hours.
Aaaaand,yes,the Dior shelf. All the Hypnotics ever made,in all the concentrations out there,a lonely Pure Poison,and 2 Poison Girls. So i say to my very tired self: Girl,take a damn breathe and sniff the darn thing,this is a promise you won't die (not today) .And I DO it! And i know i've been eating the world class bs till now with a 2 cents story from an airport,but Poison Girl Edt (attention out there,not edp) is GOOD. The little 'poison wannabe' is good! Not good as in Roja,Clive,Henry Jacques good( bahaha,jk) but as in designer day to day book good! A real sensual sweet citrus opening,all the ingredients for what the girls ask these days,caramel,that tonka that i simply love,a slight petal of rose,with just a bit of almost not even recognizable powdery feeling and really really good in technical specs. A good longevity,a good sillage ( put it on my blouse,there i could sniff it better,and the SA didn't see me,here is a killer to test the Testers on skin,is like you're wearing a paper stuck to your neck all the time,geez,people,we wear them on the skin dooooh) and i'm telling you,i loved Poison Girl edt. Sweet,citrus,caramel mix,bit neroli and a petal of sensual rose. Well... whatever it is,is Dior after all.And i didn't spray and weep from the chemicals,not that is natural,but still not that bad.
Hats off to you readers for bearing with a bored lady that can only talk to cats,for reading the longest review of an airport check-in break,and of course,for being the best audience ever.
Best of regards

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Mediocrity...or even less.Every single powerful House of fragrances comes nowadays with a gourmand liquid,that's because very many of them are hard to call perfumes.YSL has its fair share of candy bars and sweet to sickening scents.Black Opium is a joke,a joke that really hurts and ashames the real Opium name,a perfume that made quite a history in its days.It is supposed to be gourmand,well,yes it is,but it is really difficult to make a difference between all of them gourmand scents today.I have no idea if I smell YSL or Dior's Poison Girlie thingie,or Givenchy's Dahlias,or Bvlgari's Omnias or any of whatever they decide to bring up to the market.They are all the same,synthetic,burning your olfactive organs,making your eyes burst to tears...I have decided not even to try to imagine how they smell,no way in hell,i'd rather use my vintage Escada,at least it is old school.

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At first,the bergamot is mixed with the anise making my mouth water.It's like a good tea is flooding my senses.It has a hint of rum even if it isn't listed.Sweet citric smell and then the flowers start rising,jasmine being the star among them.Without further introduction vanilla and musk are coming up next.The grand finale is totally mainstream.Swear to God is like i just hit my head in a bottle of La Vie est Belle.'Nice' surprise...pfff.Wabar is not a complicated fragrance,nothing too different from what i've tested ,i have no idea why is such an exclusivity.All ok mr Momo?!

7 Awards
They are sitting in an obscure room,all of them with their cigars lighten up.The smoke is filling up every corner even though on the left side there's a window opened.Doesn't matter too much,cause all it comes in is hay smell,not disturbing,even nice if i think better.The red courtains are moving aside and she comes in,naked like the day she came into this world.They are looking at her with their eyes huge in surprise....she's covered in honey and her lascive moves make them want to crawl right there,at her feet.Her face is covered but those eyes are so eager to make them praise her.And they surely are.But then the courtains move again and he comes slowly following her footsteps.He's also naked but his body is shining like pure amber.He puts his arms around her and whispers in her ear,moving his amber body against her honey skin.The smoke is embracing them and their applauses make the woman blush.A single rose falls at her feet,a rose in bloom,the color of her firey face.
That's the story of Chergui.
Before reformulation....

3 Awards
There are so many summer perfumes on the market at the moment,so many mainstream,niche,indie...that i sometimes think there's nothing new to smell or even worse,nothing to like anymore.All of them have dupes,flankers,copycats,that i swear i'm sick of.
And then there's Aqua Vitae Forte.
All around the world fresh lemons,mandarins and bergamots,but this time with the sandalwood as the main star,which i like so much! A scent that lasts and lasts with such a great projection,comparing to all the fresh fragrances i've tried! Monster! Great job Francis.

3 Awards
Boadicea Valiant.Bottle,amazing,looks(and i bet my wallet content it is) so dam' expensive,a real goldish work of art Boadicea style which yells 'watch it,i'm the high end of the House' .The perfume? Well,the perfume is a faint-ish version of less expensive Opera Sospiro or even cheaper Ange ou Demon by Givenchy,which I bet everybody here knows,being a respectfull forum.But! Opera lasts forever comparing to Valiant,and it smells thousand times sexier.The drydown of Golden goose here goes plastic,and sooo unexpectedly weird that i really want to scream ' Why on God's green Earth does it cost 1000 euros???'
Meh...not worthy !

4 Awards
Roses,sweet roses,honey dipped roses,I have a certain feeling i've smelled it before...oh,yea,there it is,the younger brother of Tom Ford's Noir de Noir.Differences? Too small,where Noir de Noir gives me a pure sweet rose,without any other adjustments,Ardent shows the same sweet rose,but just a little spiced up.The rest is history,and even though they are so much alike,Ardent doesn't want to last more than 4 hours top,around the 3rd hour already being a skinscent.But a beautiful one,so I can just refresh it with few more sprays.Besides,Ardent also gives a guy elegance,and I think i like that,even tho I don't see rose scents on men.Poor longevity,poor to medium sillage.

4 Awards
In the 'oud days' the Amouage House makes no oud perfumes.Sometimes this may come as a blessing.With my senses intoxicated by the Orient's wonder ingredient,i close my eyes and and i smell the back of my hand almost extatic.Such a beautiful perfume.The rose may fool its admirers here,it may want to be the first violin in the orchestra,it is,but it isn't, along the 8-10 hours the scent remains on the skin.It feels like the cardamom(such a primadonna of the Amouage perfumes),the cinnamon,the bergamot even try to peak through the roses petals,trying to stand in front for a while.And they manage to do it! I can imagine the rose fighting for supremacy,a dark gothic rose,splashed with frankinsence and then strangled along the way by the spices,but it is there,all the time! A rich perfume,made really good,even though i wished for a bit more sillage.Medium to good longevity,medium to small sillage,but nevertheless a great perfume.

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