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LiisaLiisa Majda Bekkali Fusion Sacree Clair 5 years ago
179 ParfumoPoints
Registered since 24.01.2017

Latest Statements

Hi there Baccarat Rouge 540 extra strenght & stamina! You've changed something, but I can't put my finger on what it is :-).
Some relations to LV Contre Moi and more vaguely to Nishane Ani too. Very nice surprise from Memo. Needs further testing :-).
I find it very hard to relate with Kankuro on this one. Rotten banana really worried me: none here! Beautiful, dry, benzoin in the base.
Vague relations to Zoologist Squid, yet I prefer this one. Lovely seaside ambience, with spices and warmth. Delightful surprise!
The Shalimar wibe, yes. But this is beautiful, and I love to wear this, not Shalimar. Perhaps the citruses are a sunnier, opoponax missing
I really like this one in the Nordic winter. Something in Ani reminds me of a wet, fresh forest, yet the base warms everything up nicely.
To my nose far more than just "reminds me" of Roja's Haute Luxe. Happy to now own a bottle!
On a brief test (only received today) she interesting , multifaceted. I am looking forward to full wear, the honey at least is beautiful !
It does have a "reminds me of" - connection to Armani's Bleu Turqoise. I do prefer BT to this though.
Chypre-Siam Chypre-Siam - Rogue - 3 years ago
Ah Yes, definately classic high quality chypre here. Works wonderfully with my difficult skin, no complaints with longevity /sillage either


BejanoirBejanoir 9 months ago
Thanks once again! Everything went so good, and it was a pleasure reaching out to you. Kind regards!
TrippilippiTrippilippi 10 months ago
Dear Liisa,
Thank you so much for your kindness and your support, the parcel was very well packed and full of gift samples.
I look forward to deal with you again.
MiaSmaMiaSma 10 months ago
Liisa, secod time around. you have such a polite manner and seem to be such a courteous and warm personality. It was a totally fuss-free/ uncomplicated deal again. I highly recommend you as a contact ,hopefully see you well brightsoul :-)
sunny regards from Athens
FinannaFinanna 11 months ago
Superquick shipping, great price, gorgeous extras and beautifully packed parcel. It is always pleasure to shop with Liisa.
Hugs from the other side of Finland
NarjesiNarjesi 1 year ago
Dearest Liisa,
thank you for attending my sharing and for your kindness :-) I really enjoy the contact with you.
Happy weekend and best wishes from snowy Austria ❤️
GorgiaGorgia 1 year ago
Fantastic seller, friendly, asking reasonable prices, fast shipping, very pleasant to deal with.
Thank yoy dear Liisa,
till the next time
Oscarsh86Oscarsh86 2 years ago
I bought Liisa a bottle of Kemi Jabir. I'm from Spain and the shipment from Finland didn't take more than a week.
Everything arrived in perfect condition and also with gift samples.
It's a pleasure to deal with her.
Thank you so much!
MinoasMinoas 2 years ago
Dear Liisa, thank you for the beautiful Serge Lutens that you sent me some time ago. What an impeccable and thoroughly trustworthy seller! Thank you also for the niche samples you included! That was a very nice surprise for me! Rarely do sellers include freebies of value! Kudos!
MiaSmaMiaSma 2 years ago
Liisa I am very happy to have mad this transaction with you. Not only for the product itself, but for your kind and generous spirit as well.Thank you very very much.
sunny regards,
MonsieurZoloMonsieurZolo 2 years ago
Thank you Liisa for the great fragrance and all the other extras! Until next time :) Terveisiä Bulgariasta!