LiliSahmLiliSahm's Perfume Reviews

Organza was an unexpected love for me as I thought it's going to be too mature for a 24years old and a heavy,dated perfume.I couldn't be more wrong! I was surprised to smell such a deliciously sexy scent when I first tried's multi faceted but everything is so smoothly blended that it doesn't seem too much.honeyed white flowers,vanilla,spices,subtle almost creamy woods and nutty,slightly powdery notes blend to the perfection to create this warm,cozy,feminine,seductive scent.truely delicious but very different with modern gourmands as it's deep and rich,sweet but not sickly,and has a sophisticated,confident,lady-like vibe.oh and it's very addictive as I can't stop sniffing my hand whenever I apply it
I love honeysuckle and I can really smell it here hand in hand with jasmine and gardenia and as a gourmand lover I can't get enough of it's vanilla,nutmeg,walnut combo in a wrapped by a honey-like,creamy warmth
It's been one of my top favorite autumn perfumes since four years ago and I love wearing it on a fancy evening out or a date night.I can see nothing old or dated in it,just sensual feminine refinement
Not a safe blindbuy but make sure to try it even if you're not usually into pre2000 perfumes or white florals

I expected Minajesty to be much more sweet and gourmand but it has a delicate sweetness(Onika and Pink Friday are much sweeter)
Minajesty is a bright,refreshing clean fruity -floral.nothing groundbreaking or unique here but it's pleasant,inoffensive and easy to wear.
lemon,peach(not a ripe peach) and white musk and something that reminds me of green apples are prominent notes to my nose;I can also pickup tonka which gives it a hint of woodsy-vanilla-ish undertone but it's not strong enough to make it a warm or dark scent.floral notes don't stand out to me.I probably wouldn't buy it if I had tried it in advance specially for full price,but now that I have a huge bottle,I will use it from time to time but won't repurchase.I wear it right after shower,in gym,when I go for a walk,also when I go to visit my dentist or grocery's a safe choice as a pick me up perfume for everyday use,specially in spring and summer
Longevity and sillage are less than moderate.overall it's nice like a fruity shower gel but I'm not impressed and don't like it as much as Onika but if light and fresh perfumes are your thing give it a's scent isn't as childish as it's bottle by any means and I believe that a mother and a daughter can easily share a bottle of it