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LiliumLibidoLiliumLibido 9 years ago
Angel Liqueur de Parfum - Mugler

Angel Liqueur de Parfum Decadent
I was at Home Depot of all places, looking for plumbing fixtures and tiles, when a little boy who was there with his dad exclaimed "Woah, that lady smells gooooooood!" while pointing his chubby finger straight at me. And then, within minutes,...

LiliumLibidoLiliumLibido 9 years ago
Angel (Extrait de Parfum) - Mugler

Angel (Extrait de Parfum) Grown up Angel
This one is a much darker Angel, it's been sprinkled with bitter cocoa powder from top to bottom, which puts the patchouli on the back burner. It's also stronger on the woods and the mango is pretty much non existant, there's no caramel either, and the vanilla...


HayvenHayven 9 years ago
Hope you're doing well, Lilium. You are missed!
CrypticCryptic 9 years ago
Where'd you go, Ms. Contortionist?
GreysolonGreysolon 9 years ago
I’m letting everyone who has played the “Guess that Scent Game” know that the game has been moved to a more appropriate place in the Forum. You’ll now find “Guess that Scent” in the Miscellaneous section. Look forward to seeing our scent sleuthing friends in our new location.
DutchSnifferDutchSniffer 9 years ago
Hello Lilium!
Your review on Angel made me perk up ears and then seeing you write to be a dabber at heart even more ;) . But never in a lifetime did I think to see you as a saint for testing one fragrance for 3 full days in a row. Miracles do happen!
LiliumLibidoLiliumLibido 9 years ago
No, it's not me, though this is one of my all time favorite poses, I find it very invigorating and oddly relaxing, believe it or not.
Lola82Lola82 10 years ago
well i have a lot of reviews you can look at hehehehe
Lola82Lola82 10 years ago
Welcome your gonna love it here I saw your posts and crack me up your'e hysterical i think you are going to put some color onto Parfumo
my Name is Lillian Lola82 by the way like to get to know you
have a good night.
FlaconneurFlaconneur 10 years ago
Welcome to Parfumo, LiliumLibido. Nice of you to join us.
CrypticCryptic 10 years ago
...and the Fragrantica brain drain continues! Mwahaha!
Olga1780Olga1780 10 years ago
Yay! Hi, there, i am here too! But i am too obvious. lol