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LiliumLibido 8 years ago 2

I was at Home Depot of all places, looking for plumbing fixtures and tiles, when a little boy who was there with his dad exclaimed "Woah, that lady smells gooooooood!" while pointing his chubby finger straight at me.
And then, within minutes, that little boy asked his father "When we get home, can I have some chocolate?"

AHAA!!! The power of olfactory suggestion in full effect, lol.
Angel Liqueur de Parfum is pure hedonistic decadence, smelling it will cause your tastebuds to salivate, you will want to roll in it.

Like the Parfum, this one is less sweet than the original EDP, no mango, no patchouli, but it has added honey that I do not find in the parfum.
The liqueur has a golden warmth that is reminiscent of a late afternoon, snowed in, in front of a roaring fireplace, steaming hot chocolate in hand, not a care in the world...

A fantastic PMS fragrance, lol.

LiliumLibido 8 years ago

Grown up Angel
This one is a much darker Angel, it's been sprinkled with bitter cocoa powder from top to bottom, which puts the patchouli on the back burner. It's also stronger on the woods and the mango is pretty much non existant, there's no caramel either, and the vanilla has a smoky edge to it.
Lasting power is stellar.
It's much less sweet than the original EDP, this Angel has a much deeper flavor, it's definitely darker and more serious.
If the Original EDP is the midafternoon hot chocolate caramel praline treat, Angel parfum is the dark, boozy chocolate truffle you share with a forbidden lover long after hours.

LiliumLibido 8 years ago 8

Must be midlife crisis, lol
I only recently got into Angel, and considering the number of years I've been into perfume, it's almost criminal, lol. Angel was everywhere, I had to wait for the mass obsession to wear off before I could give it a try.
This stuff is STRONG. One spray and you can cause migraines and nausea in every person in a 10 mile radius.

And yet... If you don't spray but only dab a couple times (no more than that!) and wait half an hour, you get what Angel was meant to be: soft, tentalizing, a little naughty and just plain yummy.
I don't understand why it is sold in a spray bottle, frankly the spray is what has caused so many people to turn into rabid pitbulls: it's just too much.
Sprayed Angel is like a badly aged, drunken sewer drag queen on a rampage: She'll chase you down and exhale her furious halitosis in your face until she brands your memory with a nasty case of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Dabbed on Angel is all whispers, giggles and sighs, cuddly to no end, pervasive, lingering but gentle, youthful and absurdly pretty, full of charm, really. But you CANNOT overdo Angel, or her fairytale magic turns into a nefarious nightmare of epic proportions. And the bitch simply does not forgive, EVER.

... Sure enough, I find myself going back to this one more and more often, because I am a trace, minute amount wearer, so Angel likes me.
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LiliumLibido 8 years ago 3

An acrid disappointment
I will probably try this one several more times just to be sure, but so far, I'm only impressed by its mediocrity.
WTF, Tom Ford?
For the price, you could have come up with something that didn't dissolve the eyeballs and strip the paint off the walls for hours after application!

I think that the idea behind Musk Pure was to come up with something that was a bridge between SL Clair de Musc and SMN Muschio d'Oro. But instead, we have paint thinner, chalk and ... Farts. All whipped up in a frenzied bilious swill of rage and bitterness masquerading as "skinlike softness" behind a mask of what was meant to be "powdery" but is really closer to mustard gas.
I wish I were kidding but I'm not.

Thankfully discontinued, this olfactory insult with a scathing price tag will make its wearer the butt of every joke in the perfume industry.
I can't tell you how much I enjoyed scrubbing this one off... it took no less than a 45 minute shower, 3 soapings and 2 generous applications of body oil to get rid of this stinker.
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LiliumLibido 8 years ago 1

The name is cringe worthy but the scent makes up for it
Hey, I can't help it: I'm an atheist so the name of this fragrance feels like biting into aluminium foil, to me. BUT... The fragrance is simply beautiful.

It's a fresh and dewy floral, I detect a lilac note in it as well, and it smells like taking a deep breath in after jamming your face into a huge bouquet of live flowers. The fragrance has a surprisingly long lasting power, all in softness, there isn't a single hard edge to be found anywhere in this.
The musk note is not animalic, in fact it is very clean, evocative of clean skin, soft, smooth and warm, it adds just the right amount of depth to the other notes.

I'm actually shocked that this is a BPAL creation, as that company is usually known for its goth and edgy scents, but this is all flowing femininity and gentleness, ridiculously pretty and cuddle worthy.
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