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LilmisseLilmisse 5 months ago
Far Away Glamour - Avon

Far Away Glamour Too Bad
I used to sell AVON a long time ago so I’m familiar with many of their perfumes. Over the recent years I’ve noticed they have been trying to modernize their fragrance selection. Or market it towards the younger crowd. I bought this one thinking it was going...

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Alien Fusion Alien Fusion - Mugler - 5 months ago
If you like fragrances such as Lolita Lempicka or Disesel Loverdose, chances are youll love this too.
A total Orange BOMB!
It reeks like very strong cleaning supplies.
Loverdose Loverdose - Diesel - 7 months ago
Different than anything else I own. Definitely edgy and gives off an alt femme vibe. Been a fave of mine since launch.
Beautiful evening fragrance


LilmisseLilmisse 6 months ago
Still working on adding to my collection on here. It’s a process LOL. I did change my username on Fragrantica though. It’s now twiztidladii. My username on practically every app or website is that so I had it changed so everything would flow. Problem is…this website is saying that username is taken but when I search…there’s nothing. So I’m sticking with this one over here I guess.
LilmisseLilmisse 7 months ago
I’m new to this site and have a large collection to go thru and add on here so I apologize that it looks empty right now.
I’m not sure if you can search and view profiles on Fragrantica but all my fragrances are listed on there. My username is: Lilmisse