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6 years ago
Six by Nejma

Six„A rich, diverse blend”
A rich blend of fruit, spice, and sweetness. The citrus and black current are the most apparent, with a small dose of coconut, all sprinkled in just a little bit of spice. The middle notes give the lighter top blend a lovely creaminess but don't take it anywhere...

6 years ago
Scent 8.0
Four by Nejma

Four„Modern fragrance, classic feel”
I really like this. I bought it blind but knew from the notes I couldn't go wrong here. The bergamot is bright on top with a nice, smooth, light leathery feel coming in soon after. All the while, the narcissus and geranium banter back and forth to keep...


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Hi Littlered nice to see you here!
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Welcome, Littlered. I'm sure you will enjoy it here at Parfumo.
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