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4 Awards
A rich blend of fruit, spice, and sweetness. The citrus and black current are the most apparent, with a small dose of coconut, all sprinkled in just a little bit of spice. The middle notes give the lighter top blend a lovely creaminess but don't take it anywhere near heavy territory. Oud is not overt but it is noticeable and lends the necessary depth to complete the structure.

I think this solid composition is completely genderless, and stands apart from the other Nejma offerings. In fact, all that I have tried from Nejma have their own personalities which each add different qualities to the line. A nice compact range of fragrances to explore.

5 Awards

Four - Nejma

I really like this. I bought it blind but knew from the notes I couldn't go wrong here. The bergamot is bright on top with a nice, smooth, light leathery feel coming in soon after. All the while, the narcissus and geranium banter back and forth to keep this bright, lively, and interesting.

Nejma Four reminds me of an old school yellow floral with some spicy kick. It actually has a vintage feel to me - I like to think it's what a vintage would have smelt like when it was new, with quality ingredients, classic floral notes, and thoughtful execution.

I am slowly working my way through the Nejma line and the quality is unquestionable - definitely worth trying.

3 Awards
This is a sophisticated, minimalist fragrance for those who enjoy subtle chypres. White is a very fitting colour for the bottle, which is solid and heavy - a bit of an art piece in my opinion, and is in keeping with the minimalist theme. It's quite stylish in a timeless sort of way.

The perfume continues this classic feel. It's very smooth, chic, and contemporary. The fruit and florals are very dry, tart, not sweet, but they are there. The suede and woody notes give the fragrance its depth and lasting power.

Overall, it is subtle but people will definitely notice it on you. It's very smooth and smells clean - in a new leather kind of way.

I find it similar to Trussardi for Women, sharing its powdery, leather, and woody qualities, but without the spice, and with subtler florals.

2 Awards
Dior-Dior starts to bloom almost immediately on the skin - the LOTV, jasmine, and narcissus are very soft, plush, and luxurious, and these carry and carry. These initial wafts are like sniffing a bouquet with a perfect balance of each floral note. It's like a bed of flowers was deconstructed, then put back together in perfect harmony in this perfume. That is skill. It starts to take on a soft, creamy feel, not vanillic, but sort of buttery or resinous I suppose - the amber notes? - and this gives some weight to the florals. Hints of oakmoss start to come through, just enough to balance, but it stays fairly subtle.

There is neither too little nor too much of anything here and the blend is seamless. The perfumer has taken a few simple, beautiful notes and made them into a gorgeous, elegant gem of a perfume. It's uplifting, refined, inviting, and profoundly lovely.

4 Awards
This is my impression of the EDP. I haven't tried the EDT so I can't comment on it. The EDP is a gorgeous dark amber in colour, and the scent is just as wonderous. I initially had samples and had to have a bottle.

Basile is a beautiful, authentic spicy fragrance with depth. Care was obviously taken in constructing this as the notes cascade harmoniously throughout the different stages. And how it sparkles! Rich, yet not heavy in any way. The citrus is juicy and introduces Basile with a gorgeous glow. The cinnamon and clove soon arise and add more depth. Faint menthol characteristics underline the top notes - apparently there is juniper and pine in Basile, though they are not listed here. The florals are subtle at this point.

The next stage is where the true beauty happens. Fresh woodiness soaks up the citrus/spice blend and creates the body of the fragrance. The florals have now emerged, lacing the woods and spice, they carry on and stay well into the drydown.

Deep, longlasting, excellent sillage but not overwhelming; it's very warm and inviting actually.

The smell of autumn and the changing tree colours set the perfect mood for wearing Basile. Simply gorgeous! I recommend for anyone who wants a citrus with depth and loves woods and spice.

7 Awards
A singular, intensely fragrant flower, emerging from the cracked earth in the dry desert heat, reaching for the scorching sun in the turquoise sky.

A dry, hot, poignant floral, parched but thriving. The notes come together beautifully to create a unique, resonating scent that is much more than the sum of its parts.

3 Awards
I love salt, I love minerality, I love dark sweet earthy fruit. Forget fragrance, this is all just generally speaking. Then this essence comes along that combines those ingredients, and of course, I HAD to try it.

Admittedly, it is the salt which immediately drew me in and hooked me. It is natural and fresh, like moist, salty sea air - what an authentic marine scent truly should be, and now is, as defined by Womanity. This and dark dry fruit are its essence.

And that's all, but that's all it needs to be. Womanity can bask in its simplicity because it is authentic and quality.
And the bottle is gorgeous, enough said.

3 Awards
First impression is lovely gardenia, a creamy floral, a little bit sharp and surrounded by a woody aura. As it settles, this blends seamlessly with the base to create an aroma so sensual it may catch you off guard. It is like a progression of daytime to sensual beginnings after sundown. The drydown has an identity of its own, oily and remotely sweet, reminicent of toasted coconut. A hint of the husk is also present. The texture and aroma also bring to mind hot melted butter, browning in a pan.

It is so gorgeous and simply radiates sensuality. Perfect for summer nights. Crystal Noir should be in a special category of fragrances that require a warning label, because it can easily progress from being a sensory delight, to inducing an undeniable sexual vibe.

6 Awards
I agree that this is a green fragrance, but it is a bit more complex than that. It is all of the things that create the "green" impression - stalk, stem, young woods, wildflowers. And there is a pulpy moistness to it, like the shoots and stems are being crushed between your fingers.
It is also the origin of the vegetation - wet earth, warm breezes, and early morning sun. Visualize being on a forest path dappled with light.
Like a tapestry that is more than simply a collection of threads, Truth creates an experience for the wearer rather than just being a conglomeration of notes.
It is not the trendsetting, airy, ozonic fragrance that many asscociate with CK. It is calm and introspective.

4 Awards
I don't find a lot of powder here - there definitely is that element, but it is somehow fresher in quality, like garden greenery after the rain.

A lovely violet, soft, no sharp edges, herbal with the inclusion of the leaves, a little metallic. It is carried beautifully on a freshly cut, fragrant cedar base from start to finish, all notes blending beautifully.

Sophisticated, quite understated, substantial enough to get noticed, but in no way heavy. It is a fragrance with clarity, one you can move through, it does not cloak and surround you.

This stands out in a crowd in a very good way. It manages to be completely natural yet also refined and classy. If you can appreciate subtlety in a fragrance, this would be a lovely addition to your wardrobe.

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