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Aventus meets Gucci Guilty Absolute. Opens w/ Aventus then harsh leather kicks in and 1 hour later it's mostly lemon with now softer leather
Sweetened pink grapefruit, hint of honey and lot of hazelnut. A bit of shower gel vibe, but it's okay. Very fine fragrance.
Opened w/ lemon tea & sweet waffles but 15 minutes later all I can smell is thai curry w/ coconut milk & lemongrass. And I can't un-smell it
21 21 - Costume National - 17 days ago
Sweet milk on top of gently spiced woods. It has this smooth, noble feeling. Very unique scent, smells like nothing else.
I'm very into tobacco&ambery fragrances, but this to me smells like a sweetened (a lot) plum/cherry juice. Nice but I expected a lot more
1 - 5 of 70