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Yvresse is a Voluptuous 50's Pinup Model obviously a Bottled Blonde faux Tan Jayne Mansfield, Mamie van Doren, Marilyn Monroe, In a Red skintight Sequinned Mermaid cut sleeveless Gown
with her hips slowly gliding to a gentile Rumba of an Old Nat King Song Quizas Quizas Quizas, On an Old Record player,

The note of Peach is the Champagne she sips from that matches the Liquid luster of gold Bed sheets in a Luxurious Red & Gold Penthouse overlooking 5th Avenue On New Years Eve, As Yvresse dries to the middle the Innocent
note of peach Fades and the notes of Lychee and Smoky Caraway turnes Yvresse from a
Girlish ingenue to a Temptress, hungry and Full Bodied semi-sweet semi-tart lychee
adds a bit of a Uninhabited Territory before the pluck of the First Fruit of Eden Brings
Primal touches To Yvresse, Cardamon with juxtaposition of Cinnamon Dries the lychee

As we Enter the Final Phase of Yvresse The First spice that comes steeping into the senses
Caraway Dry dominates the first minute then Cinnamon sweeter Supports the Caraway The Underpinning of Patchouli gives the base an Semi sweet earthiness Amber & Musk Enrich the scent with it's sweet Texture And Hidden note of Incense the Styrax Note

And Fiery Sandalwood Finishes Yvresse.

This Perfume is not for the Shy or a woman not to make wave Yvresse is the Opposite
She Not Only Demands it She Screams IT! She's Larger then Life, Diva in a Bottle Nothing
is Subtle about her but if you want to stand out She's a Perfect Friend.

2 Awards
Winter captured in a bottle Like a Minuscule carving of a painted Cabin inside a Snow globe
The smell of winter is Diffidently captured in V.C & Arpels Les Saisons Hiver,

With one spray a blast of cold & sharp tincture of Frosted Lime and i can Detect
Ceder that is not in the Scent Pyramid but notices a nice amount not alot but decent enough not to be overwhelming, Conjours enough for me A thinly disguised metaphor of Snowflakes
Soaking though Cederwood through a vast forest the smell of dry Smoky and bitter Cederwood
slowly steeping though the Cold wintery air adding Freshness Lime is the frost that gives
A bit of Sweetness to the woods, like sweet Snow,

Cardamom adds warmth with spicy underpinnings like a Blanket wrapped around you to get
warm as you watch the Embers glow from a Dying Campfire in the mid winter's Night

Like Icicles on window Ledge, sitting in front the fireplace with warm Chai with a Good
Book or Making Snow angels while staring at the Dark gray sky watching the flakes falling
upon your face V.C & Arpels Les Saisons Hiver is the Winter captured in a Bottle.

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From pale Lavender to the darkest Aubergine, John Galliano Created a scent In homage to the
Complexities of the Color Purple in it's many forms, I love how Mr Galliano has taken and
Layered 3 of the different shades of purple fauna, and let them Interplay with each other
Pale Lavender Caressing with Dark blue Iris Or Crushed dark Purple Violets mingles with Iris, It Conjours A dance of the Seven Veils with each veil slowly Revealing different
Shade of Purple ranging to Pale Lavender to the Darkest Aubergine The Incense adds a bit of
Exotica and Mystery A wisp of smoke slowly rises like a Serpent and dances among the Purple
Veils Adds Sex in John Galliano,

Almost all Aldehydes have this Sharp cold and Hardness in their Scent, But not in this one
It's Smooth and Devoid of the Coldness of that note It just Blends in and turns almost Elusive in a Few Minutes, Angelica adds a Bit of Herbal Freshness into J.G, As the drydown
Begins J.G Turns more Flowery due to the Presence of Airy Peony with it's sweetness,

As J.G Finishes Patchouli adds an Earthy primalistic uninhibited Touch, amber brings a bit of warmth Patches of Musk Gives An Animalistic side of J.G, Ceder Finishes with Dry Woods.

This smells like hair shampoo to me
a very synthetic perfume it is like plastic
Leaves Nothing to the Imagination I Rather
get Excited when I buy Herbal Essences

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This smells just like Etro's Magot
With the simularities of the strong Lemon note
I don't really care for
Aromatic scents very much and these are
one of them. there is an bitter minty
note mixing with the note of Lemon
makes it Nausiaiting This also smells
just like Eau de Guerlien with it's
scent of Mint Toothpaste
No originality just a bland fragrance.

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Lavender conjures up many myths and
legends Lavender
was the favorite of
Queen Elizabeth I it cures insect bites
it calms the nerves and helps you sleep
the floral it's self inspired artists &

it makes me think of a sleepy small
town in the south of France with a
small modest chapel and fields and fields
of Lavender with elderly
townspeople playing cards children playing
middle aged women hanging linen on th
e line to dry in the warm sun and your
walking though these fields obliviousness
of the thing around you the
scent put you in a trance
just walking losing sense of time
and you stop in a middle of the fields
lay down and rolling though the hill of
lavender and fall asleep.

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Feeling the Sun's Gentile rays in the still of the Morning
Vanitas has a quiet Elegance That avoids the Flash of Urbanistic Couture, Instead
relies on the ''Less is More'' simplicity.

The Silage of Vanitas Since I have a Small sample wand so it might have an Different
Effect Then using a spray Bottle, To my Skin it starts out light Then in a minute or
two The scent starts to Gradually builds up more Volume within every Minute,
The Soap Element Seems to be the Dominate in Vanitas but lets the other Notes have
a chance to be noticed,The sweetness of Tiare Caresses your skin with velvety pure
White Petals Lime adds a bit of Tart, The finishing transforms Vanitas from a Scent
of Fluid transparent to a Dry Woodish Scent, Tonka note starts to appear after
20 Minutes of Applying Vanitas Giving off a Sweetish resin scent And Cederwood ending
Vanitas with Dryness.

2 Awards
Grand Amour Conjours an Image of long slender fingers clad in Black leather gloves slowly
Caressing a Bouquet of white Lillies as she walked Solemnly through a Stone
Pathed heavily weeded almost derelict Sematary, I can Detect the Note of Iris
In Grand Amour It's cold sharpness A perfect Metaphor for her tears gently
streaming under her Diaphanous black Veil Or Angel statues made of
Marble soaked after an Autumn rain Reveled in it's scent of musty Asphalt,
The Red rose's Blood pouring out from it's sinuous Petals drained of color
Leaves a Deepy Spicy aroma Leads her to a Tombstone of a Long forgotten 20's
Matinee Idol, frozen in time at the age of 31 A small black and white photograph with a Gold edging Fashioned in a Oval A Swarthy Handsome Man
Slender Hair Combed Back almost with a Leather Glisten, round Bedroom eyes
Of Dark Brown Gazed upon her in a trace she fell in lust for him so she
gently raised her veil Revealing her pale Alabaster Placed the Already soaked Bouquet of Lillies on the ground and slowly kissed His tombstone, Leaving a
Lipstick Stain of Aubergine, When it started to rain she opened her Umbrella
and as she was Walking though the Pouring rain she heard a Beautiful Hymn coming from a nearby Church MEMORARE, O piissima Virgo Maria, Tears Again
Filled from her eyes as she walked farther away from the Semetary.

Grand Amour & L'heure Bleue are Sisters of Melancholic Perfumes.

1 Awards
The Transition Fragrance I'm Not a Girl but this is a Very Youthful Frangrance Way Better when the Original
Formula. it's a Blast of Pears Necterine
i can also smell Musk Plumelia And water notes Great for Summertime.
the drydown has too much Vanilla
this perfume is one of the ones i like
but not i love because i think it's a little girly girl for me but. it's ok
i give it a 4

This smells almost simular to Demeter's
Wet Garden; it wasn't what i expected
i thought it was going to smell more like Linen but
i got is a Boozy Alcohol
scent which i detest it doesn't last long on my skin.

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