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Flowers Soaking in a vase of water
it's bland it has no imagination
very boring fragrance Yawns :o

2 Awards
Tangy Sweet Tarty Fuity Surprise
very yummy and it does smell like shampoo very
Youthful Edgy
Not your Usual Fragrance.

3 Awards
A Romantic Cynic setting in the 1930's and 40's sitting with a martini
on right hand and a cigarette on your right in a darken projection room
the smoke is visible though the projection light and hating yourself
on the silver Screen
that's the notes on this perfume
bring out to me

By the words of Miss Gloria Swanson

All right, Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my close up'

5 Awards
Me and Mr Mugler never gotten along His Perfumes are always the same Plastic Candy vinyl skankiness Like Lady GAGA's Panties in a middle of her concert Performance
with Secretions of sweat mixing with Sweetness of Vanilla, Then Something came
Unexpected I Received A sample of Thierry Mugler Innocent his Numeral Flankers
from a swap from the other site a while back, Anyway i Thought Oh no an another
Plastic Fantastic Candy Rush but boy i was Wrong! I Finally tried it and i thought OMG It's about Time that Mr Mugler Created Something that i Truly Like
It Still had that Plastic Scent but It's Fresher Due to the Note of Bergamot and
Mandarin Blosson to Add a bit of Crisp Innocent is a Brighter and Movable then
It's Sluggish Opaque Angel,

Red Berries Gives Innocent a Juicy Boost I love the Interplay with the Note of
Black Current making Innocent Fuller and Succulent, Vanilla is subtle then his
Previous Fragrances Seems to be Diluted by the Presence of the Mandarin and Black Current but it's still is'nt out of the Neck of the Woods it's still noticeable, The Drydown turns Innocent from Juicy to Gourmand sweet due to Praline Is this your Typical Tween Gourmand not by a Far shot sweet as it is
Innocent is far to Womanly & Complex to be a Tween scent but nice for your Older 17 year Sister a Gourmand of a young Lady, As innocent nears it's end
With the Under Pinnings of Almond & Amber Finishes Innocent with a Dry Nutty Accord.

This is an Angel without the Skank. ;)

3 Awards
What do you get when you mix in Vanilla with Rhubarb?,
A sinfully Decadent Dessert Called Burberry Brit Red
Brit Red a Spicier Cousin to the more Drier Nuttish
Citroen Of Burberry Brit, It starts off a bit Zesty
with Mandarin Orange and Green Jasmine for the Top
Layer, Red Rhubarb comes Though Giving Brit Red
Distinction from It's White Counterpart
It's Juicy Accord which gives it a Delectable Character,
As Brit Red Dries we get a Blast of Vanilla Like it's
White Version it's Cloyish In this one they added Gingerbread
which adds a bit of Warm and Zing.

I Totally Agree with the reviews that it Evokes Christmas
it Really Does,

Burberry Brit Red an Image of White Vanilla cream Wrapped with Deep
Red Rhubarb Sauce swirling Around with Sprinkles of Cinnamon and Chai
In a Bowl before being baked in the Oven, Or Sitting
in front of a fire Place sipping on your tea with bright Ornate
Lights Glowing with Calm Ambiance,

Brit Red is not your run of the Mill Gourmand Scent It
has a Special Quality that is hard to Find in Gourmands.

3 Awards
Odori's Cuoio opens with a Boozy accord which gives it an Menthol Freshness
Intoxicating like an Absinthe Dream A few minute later Leather Moistens the
Menthol opening with a Supple smoothness,This isn't your typical Synthetic
vinyl-like wet Leather like you find in other Mainstream perfumery,
Odori's Cuoio is like Cured Leather drying above a fireplace inside a
Tanner's workshop Middle in a Unnamed Bucolic Hamlet in the 18th Century
it doesn't have a sharp green hardness of Piguet's Bandit, the Fruity Tobacco
aldehyde of Gres Cabochard The Nutty sweetness of Miss Balmain or the Ambery
Animalistic Civet Wetness of Jolie Madame.

Odori's Cuoio & Chanel Cuir de Russie are prime examples of dry leather
Cuir de Russie However has more of an earthiness like the smell of fresh
hay of Horse stables with a little tinge of Fecal tinge due to the note of Civet
Cuoio is Fiery and more Arid than Cuir The ginger note adds to the dryness of this scent like Burnt leather gives it a bit of a medical feel to it,

the honey note is Understated but plays an a supporting part in Cuoio sweetens
the bitterness of Orange and Ginger gives a warm feel to the scent Patchouli
in cuoio is drowned out by the more dominant notes shy but noticeable,
Amber with it's usual sweetness is doesn't exist.

Cuoio has an Old World Charm that is a rarity in Perfumery Today
it doesn't fall into that Mass Consumer Cliche of Fruity Florals Saccharine
Overdosed Gourmands Doll heads Rhinestones None of That, It's Simple yet
Grabs your Attention without Pretensions Artifice.

Black musk has a thousand guises,

There is nothing Sparkly about Black Musk, when you wear this
it's like your entering the Edge of darkness where light hasn't
penetrate not even the bright hues of amber and fiery Sandalwood
note stand on there own,they sink in this Black Abyss.

I Can Picture Vilians like Le Chiffre from Casino Royal, Jaffar from Thief of Baghdad and Lestat from Queen of the Dead,

Black Musk is not for everyone it's only for a select few who appreciate the Fine art of fragrance not your
typical day at a office kind of Scent.

3 Awards
Simplicity; No artificial dyes, no
Synthetic candy gourmand,
plastic sweetness
No Howling Civet or Secretion of Musk
and no putting on aristocratic airs
Just a Simple scent you can wear every Day
Versatile and Safe Citron de Vigne
is far to Casual for Elegance but it has a
Minimalistic Bareness
Like a Zen Painting Less is More,

The Opening Is Intoxicating with Grapefruit But
Fades in Seconds after applying on skin
It Just Flees never staying in one place
But i can Detect i faint note of Lemon.

There is not a lot to say about this Perfume it's
one of those scents that is Unlikely to make History
or to make waves because of it's Simpleness
But It's a Nice Scent For a Nice Lazy Summer Day.

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Does color have a smell? Everyone has it's own
interpretation to such Questions, ie;Red,A rose?, Cherry,
Pepper?,Y.S.L Opium?,Blue, Blueberries,
,D&G Light Blue? For me R.L Safari is
the Interplay of Greens & Oranges.

Safari with a note of sharp cold Aldehyde Giving
a picture of a Meadow after the Midnight Rain
into a early morning
Misty Dew with tinge of Sharp Cold Nuances,
In a few Minutes The note of Galbanum with
it's Resinous Greens brings Safari a Leafy Fullness
to the Fragrance,
Saturated Fields of Orange and Yellow Tagetes
with their velvet Petals turns Safari Herbaceous

I Can notice a Note of Peach during the middle of
the Aldehyde and Galbanum Clash adding a fruity
Touch in this already Multifaceted Canvas,

I With the Notes that i smelled and that of that note cards
I Would Picture Safari Like an Interplay or a Battle Of Colors
to see who will dominate Like the
Aldehydes and The Galbanum are the Green Notes
and Tagetes Orange on a Vast Meadow.

But i Must Add that The Flacon design has to be
sheer Craftsmanship But i Must Add that The Flacon
design has to be
sheer Craftsmanship The Bottle makes you think
of the Old Antebellum South women with Corsets
and Hoop skirts Dixie Scarlet O'Hara Rogues
who sit on the porch Sipping Bourbon Under Lines
of Oak Trees,

Ralph Lauren Safari Gives me that Vibe.

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Climbing to the Ascending Himalayan mountians of
Kaliash your destination
to reseach the ancient rituals of long ago holy
men who Worshiped the Hindu
Lord Shiva and he Beloved wife Parvati
and when you almost reached the top
you see the golden glow of the sunset
and your greated by the Sadhu with there long locks
chanting a alien language you never heard before.
you here beautiful ringing of bells allround you almost
set you in a trance. The intoxicating scent
of incense floating to the mountians.
the colors all around you
and you see the most beautiful stature
of the Lord Shiva with his black eyes
Glazing at you.
This perfume gives me that vibe.

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