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LookOutLookOut 7 years ago
Orange Sanguine - Atelier Cologne

Orange Sanguine Soapy fresh orange peel
This smells exactly like orange peel! In the drydown it becomes a bit more soapy. It's a scent that's bound to put you in a good mood! Orange Sanguine is pretty linear and I can't really make out the separate notes, but it smells very...

LookOutLookOut 7 years ago
L'Humaniste - Frapin

L'Humaniste Juniper cocktail
This is one of those fragrances where I instantly fell in love with it from the moment I smelled it on a paper strip. To me it smells like a summer cocktail, even though I find it suitable to wear in winter/colder months as well because of its powderiness....


SportsFanSportsFan 8 years ago
Thanks, Lookout...and likewise! I really like the pie graphs and breakdown of info that Parfumo offers...it adds another nice little twist when researching and contemplating different scents. Thanks for the shout out, bro...see ya around. Peace!
ApiciusApicius 8 years ago
Hello LookOut, welcome to Parfumo! I wish you a lot of fun here!