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LorenzoYannLorenzoYann 142 days ago
Note di Profumum - Amante - Profumum Roma

Note di Profumum - Amante A different twist on a famous scent-profile
Although the notes listed might be off from what is originally stated on the website (there should be only amber, cedarwood, oud and sandalwood), violet and lavender seem to be really popular notes people pick up in here. I...

LorenzoYannLorenzoYann 142 days ago
Eccelso - Profumum Roma

Eccelso Very unique yet so simple!
This an amazing perfume I have reached for quite often but the mixed feeling I have about it is that it's so simple I expected to find this profile in other brands too but I was wrong! The closest thing I could really spot was Joop Homme. The...


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