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LorenzoYannLorenzoYann 21 days ago
Appelez-moi Seychelles / Paris Seychelles - Pierre Guillaume

Appelez-moi Seychelles / Paris Seychelles Damp T-shirt and sunscreen
Among all the variations that you can call or associate this beach / leisure type fragrance to is a damp t-shirt from your trip at the beach contacting with the sunscreen, to put it simply; provided that your sunscreen smells similar in the first...

LorenzoYannLorenzoYann 2 months ago
Resala - Arabian Oud / العربية للعود

Resala Vanilla Rose Chocolate Saffron and Sandalwood with 1 year Longevity
The discovery of this fragrance was different from my typical store stroll. The atmosphere of the Arabian Oud shop on the Champs-Élysées is great. I loved the direct approach of the personnel...