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LorilaviraLorilavira 10 years ago
Burlesque - Tramp - Opus Oils

Burlesque - Tramp yummy...
Tramp is a great scent! It's so delicious and i think this is my favorite from those scent's i've tried. This perfume oil is sweet,woody,cozy,creamy,comfortable,innocent and feminine. I smell mostly pure and sweet Vanilla, fresh lemon and warm woods. The...

LorilaviraLorilavira 10 years ago
Island Girl - Tropique (Madagascar) - Opus Oils

Island Girl - Tropique (Madagascar) Coconut Oil
Opus Oils-Island Girl-Tropique is a sweet,natural,woody Coconut scent. I thought it's a warm cacao scent but it's definitely a coconut scent but not a typical super sweet coconut scent. It smells like real natural and tropical Coconuts. When you buy a Coconut...



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