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Tramp is a great scent! It's so delicious and i think this is my favorite from those scent's i've tried.
This perfume oil is sweet,woody,cozy,creamy,comfortable,innocent and feminine.
I smell mostly pure and sweet Vanilla, fresh lemon and warm woods.
The scent smells very natural and light but the longevity is not so good, a good scent for the fall and wintertime.

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Opus Oils-Island Girl-Tropique is a sweet,natural,woody Coconut scent.
I thought it's a warm cacao scent but it's definitely a coconut scent but not a typical super sweet coconut scent.

It smells like real natural and tropical Coconuts.
When you buy a Coconut and eat them they taste not intensive of coconut dessert or something, so is this scent. It's just real coconut in combination with fresh natural cacao/coffee and a bit of sweet vanilla.
Tropique reminds me at coconut oil or some sun-tan/block lotions/oils.
It's a great scent for the summer or Holidays.It's a Island scent which suits perfect to palms/tropical fruits and the sun.It last a good time and you smell it everywhere so i wouldn't use to much of it.

Opus Oils-Burlesque-Charm is a vintage Floral Fruity Gourmand scent!
This oil Perfume is really natural and rich but not overwhelming, you smell how valuable it is. The Bottles and the idea fits great to the scents.

The Opening of Charm is really fruity and spicy and also cozy. I smell the combination of berries and sage and you can smell the vanilla only in the background. For me it's not such a Gourmand scent it's more a clean scent i smell mostly berries and sage,tea. A oil perfume smells different than a alcohol perfume, so you can not compare it with a normal Floral Fruity scent. I like oil perfumes cause they smell really natural and comfortable. This scent is really feminine and cute and ,mature for a charming Woman.

Charm is a Vintage perfume but i think it's easy to like this scent.I would recommend to test it before buying it, so you can see which scent suits you the best. Charm is one of the scent's from the Burlesque line which is like the most but the Longevity is not so good.

Förster and Johnsen's - Surprise is a surprise.I tried the scent by them and all fragrances are really woody and fresh and this one is totally different.

The beginning is really sweet,vanilla and cozy, i smell the combination of peach-vanilla-rasberry-cognac and it's not a cheap or synthetic scent.It smells really natural and the scent is warm,sweet,creamy,soft and pure. Surprise is intense but not strong or overwhelming.

You still smell it after some hours but it becomes softer and lighter. The scent reminds me at Jil Sander - Sun Delight, and Valentino - V mixed with a warm vanilla scent like Lolita Lempicka - L.
It's a cute and feminine scent for winter and fall.

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One word "Love". I really adore this scent and it's my signature scent since four years, but it get competition from "PG-Tonkamande" which is also a creamy- clean-sensuel scent. Be 21 is a fragrance i ever searched for it's a wonderful clean/soft,creamy/sensual and slightly sweet/woody perfume.I'm happy that i tried the scent in those days.

At the beginning the scent is very fresh and spicy, i smell the cinnamon and the oriental notes but after a while it becomes softer and creamy,sensual i smell heliotrope and the cashmere wood. Then it becomes sweeter i love the tonka bean and vanilla in it and also the woody background.
Be 21 last a long time and is good for the colder day's and the spring time. I'm addicted to the smell i'm so happy that i have one bottle of this awesome scent and i'm sure when this bottle end i buy a second one.

Autour du Muguet is a nice floral/fresh perfume for the spring and summertime.
I really enjoy to wear it on warm spring days. I tried the "les fleurs d' Orlane" perfume line and this was the one of those scents which caught me, and a bought a Bottle for a good price.
The scent starts with fresh green notes like the lime and the lily of the vally. The lily of the valley is the dominant Note in this scent, maybe that's why i like it. The woods and the other flowers are in the background but those harmonised very well with the green notes. It's a round pretty feminine and fresh fragrance, which cheers you up. The Bottle is also realy nice and the green juice matches to the scent itself.

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In one way "Cleopatra" suits really good to the last pharaoh of Ancient Egypt.
This scent is a confident,mature and powerful fragrance
which would be a great scent for a monarch.
In the other way i thought it would be a sweet/spicy oriantal creamy scent.
But Tocca highlighted the features and abilities of this strong woman and her Empire.
The opening is really fruity and fresh which reminds me at the sunrise,guarded by the Sun God "Ra".
Then i smell a lot of patchouli, which i like a lot, it's really woody but not overwhelming,the flowers and the vanilla soften the dominant notes. This Perfume reflect the beauty of Cleopatra with the floral notes and the vanilla, it shows her strong character with the dominant woody/patchouli notes and presented her sunny Empire with fresh and fruity notes. This scent is really similar to "Juilette has a Gun-Lady Vengeance" if you like the scent you can't go wrong with this scent.
This is my favorite scent from Tocca i like it a lot.

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A Parisian beauty and sophisticate, Florence conjures memories of old-world Paris. "Tocca"

I really like the description of this scent
because it applies perfect to "Florence".
I was surprised that it smells different
to the solid perfume which i have and like a lot but this scent is also really nice.
Florence is a really old fashioned floral green scent,
it last a long time but it's not heavy.
I smell a lot of white flowers and green notes in this scent.
The beginning is fresh and floral the woody notes are in the background it's a good perfume for spring an summertime and fits better to mature Ladies.

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Stella is a classical fresh and spicy scent for a mature and confident ladies.
The opening is really fresh and citruslike.
The blood orange is noticeable and the bitter orange too,
i like the smell of blood orange it's so delicious and juicy-fruity.
The background is full of woods and flowers.
You have this fresh and playfull scent which is underscores
by the mature and clasical woody floral scent,
which reminds me a lot of "Colette".
The spicy lily and white freesia harmonised good with the cirtus notes,
it gives character to this scent.
The perfume itself is not overwhelming and it last a long time.

2 Awards
It was the first scent i tried from the Lush Perfume Collection. Lush scent's are love it or hate it scents, they are very peculiar and unique and if you love the scentend products of Lush you will like the fragrances too. Love is a cirtus/fresh and sweet/warm scent. It starts fresh the Bergamot is very dominant i also smell apple and lemon grass, then it becomes sweeter and i smell spicy cinnamon, it reminds me at Apple Pie,it smells also a bit masculine to me.The scent is not light it's heavy and last a long time.

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