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LouceLouce A good day for "Tabac Blond". :-) 10 years ago

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LouceLouce 10 years ago
Paname - Keiko Mecheri

Paname The green fairy´s low dance
„Green notes“ listet above as top note of Paname are usually guarantor for my disfavour. Grassy, fresh and healthy natural scents do not touch me. But there is this dark, velvety green, that I first met in „Narcisse Noir“ by Caron,...

LouceLouce 10 years ago
Mulholland - Keiko Mecheri

Mulholland Artificial
Artificial ... ... is, for a start, the opposite of natural. What is connected with this term - especially if it´s about perfume - is negative: plastic, cheap, chemically. But also, „artificial“ can be understood with a different connotation: contemporary,...

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LouceLouce 10 years ago
In my blog on the German Parfumo, I try to draw and outline (semi-professionally) first traits of an esthetic theory of olfactory art. Perfumery is a form of art. A very young one without big theory and science still. Some pioneers like Chandler Burr contribute to this task of the future and I´m sure in the coming years we will explore and define an esthetic theory of perfumery... More


CrypticCryptic 8 years ago
Loved your work on the cultural aspect of the EU allergen petition! It was great fun working with you and the rest of the .de group. :)
TarTar 8 years ago
I would be so glad, if I could read more reviews from you - since they are excellent!
Bonsoir, I'm a little late but thank you very much for the warm welcome. And yes, I absolutely love Ambre 114 there is something so addictive about it. Brilliant.
KarinaMKarinaM 10 years ago
hi and thanks for the advice ;)
FlannelmanFlannelman 10 years ago
Thank you for the nice post on my collection, much appreciated! :-)
Thatsmr2usirThatsmr2usir 10 years ago
Thanks for the warm welcome Louce! :)
MariellaMmmhMariellaMmmh 10 years ago
Great, isn't it? But I still need a lot aof practise. The international market is much harder, especially when you fall... ;)

MariellaMmmhMariellaMmmh 10 years ago

HEY! Now I can kiss ya internationally! :-*** See?

EternityEternity 10 years ago
Tell all the guys around the world that there are hot blond chicas here on parfumo.net, and this place will be crowed soon. Hugs, ET
ShinyAbraxasShinyAbraxas 10 years ago
No need for practicing much, you wrote an impressive review, dear Lu.