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LovingTheAlienLovingTheAlien 9 years ago
Insensé (Eau de Toilette) - Givenchy

Insensé (Eau de Toilette) Truly deserving of its praise.
When I first obtained my bottle of Insense, I was expecting a floral assault of a fragrance. What I got confounded me - a green oriental? A salty pine-pastry? Must De Cartier over Anais-Anais? Well I can say I understand it now....

LovingTheAlienLovingTheAlien 9 years ago
N°22 (Parfum) - Chanel

N°22 (Parfum) The smell of ancient wisdom.
I find most of Ernest Beaux's fragrances to be a bit simplistic and utilitarian. That is absolutely not the case here. This is poetry in perfume. The clear aldehydic opening smells of the sun reflecting off of the snow. Flowers come...


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