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I smelled Evento for the first time a few months ago, and my first impression was good but not great. I bought a bottle anyway.

I thought is way too similar to Vibrant Leather but is not the case. The opening is just as fruity but the dry down is much richer and complex. Smells much better than my other clone, Rasasi Zebra. I used about 30ml and I'm very impressed.

I own a small bottle of the original too, but I would never buy that again since Evento is so close and is so affordable. Good enough to be my signature scent.

Moderate performances, great versatility and price!

P.S. Capucci Just realised a new fragrance, Blu Water EDP, apparently is a clone of Bleu de Chanel.

I said to myself that I wouldn't buy another Zara fragrances, just because I have too many already.

But I was really curious to try this new one, and I wasn't disappointed. It's very similar to DHC, simple, well done and very easy to wear. Not 100% alike but smell just as good, maybe is a bit more gingery, that's all.

Reminds me also of Zara Orange Zest but this one is better quality IMO. The performances are great for a citrus fragrance. Great value.

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After a few times wearing it I think that this fragrance is as close to La nuit as 9.0 to DH! The performances are not bad either, 6-8h with moderate projection.

Zara have a few other fragrances with the "La Nuit vibe" like For Him Black Edition, Winter Collection 2017, Black Tag Intense 2017, some people say Evitorial Twist(I personally don't agree here) but Y Collection is a shameless clone, despite the notes, just ignore that.

Awesome value! Best alternative on the market, ~95% of the smell, ~12% of the price.

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Based by the listed notes, I was expecting something close to Dior Home Sport 2008. But no, after a week of wearing this fragrance I find that it's remaining me of Kenzo Boise and Encre Noir Sport. Don't expect any orange here, the name is very misleading. Average performances for a summer fragrance. I love it.

#Edit, after a week of wearing, Orange Zest has grow a lot on me. Final rating 9/10

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This is one of the best Zara fragrances, and Zara is one of the most underrated house ever IMO.

Zara have some awesome fragrances like my favourite Exclusive Oud, Tobacco Collection Rich/Warm/Addictive and Aromatic Future (a shameless dupe of Dior Sauvage)

Ganache Tonka is almost to good to be true, to my nose is like a Frankenstein fragrance composed from best parts from Dior Homme Intense, Guerlain Homme Ideal EDP and JPG Le male. Very smooth oriental fragrance. Good performances and beautiful bottle. And cost less that 20 Euros.

I doubt is a clone of another popular fragrance(like most of Zara fragrances).

I will use it very ofen this winter.


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Manliest neroli fragrance I ever smelled! This is my ideal spring fragrance, every time I smell it from de bottle, with my eyes closed, the scent it's instantly teleporting me in Liguria (Italy), in a spring rainy day, taking shelter under a blossomed orange tree. What an awsome experience!

I agree the scent is comparable with TDH and Guerlain Homme Boisee, are not the same, but definitely is in the same genre as those. I had to sell the Guerlain and the Hermes from my collection because love this Dunhill so much more.

The bottle is fenomenal, the performances are great and the scent is top noch.


I discovered this scent in my dad's collection, and it was not love at first sniff. Initially it reminded me of Azzaro Pour Homme, which I honestly dislike it. Now I know I was wrong.

But I kept it on my wrist, and after an hour or so, I start enjoy it quite a bit . Is so animalic an deferent that all of my fragrances, so I both a bottle for myself.

To my nose is smell like a mix of YSL Kouros and Givenchy Gentleman.

I have the 2000's reissue version made by The First SPA, and is still a beast, not really like the vintage one (by Schapparelli Pinkenz) which my dad is owning, but is close.

Truly a hidden gem, I can't wait to try more fragrances from 80's, like VC&A Pour Homme.


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I love Envy, actually it was my signature fragrance when it was released. I had 2 bottles, the yellowish green and the reformulated electric green juice. First formulation was better.

But even with all the nostalgia I will not re-buy this fragrance. It's hard to get and the prices are just ridiculous.

If you're not an Arab prince don't bother seeking this fragrance out, you can get so many better colognes at a fair price right now. One example will be Bentley Intense.

Performances are just average and the compliment factor is pretty low, to be honest. The vintage snobs will say this is a holly grail, just because they have it and you don't.

So don't believe the hype, and just forget about Envy.


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It's incredible how good this fragrance smell for only 27 euros/100ml!

A delicious boozy gourmand blend, perfectly unisex, easy to wear and very addictive. It reminds me a bit of Pure Havane, but I dare to say Dolcelisir is better.

If you live in Italy, you love gourmand fragrances, and you never tried this, then RUN to the nearest L'Erbolario store! You can thank me later. =)

Fantastic performances on my skin, lots of compliments, and is so affordable, almost too good to be true. But it is!

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Yes! I'm glad to say that the fragrance exceeded my expectations.

The presentation is outstanding, the pictures don't make much justice to it. Beautiful box, heavy bottle, metallic cap, excellent atomizer, nothing cheep like CH Prive for example.

The juice is very well blended, is not an oud or a vanilla bomb. I get a Coca Cola Vanilla vibe, with rum, tobacco, oud and something fruity, maybe plums. Is kinda linear but that don't bother me to much because its smell is delicious.

The performances are good, nothing out of this world, but still very decent for this kind of fragrance, moderate projection with about 8h of longevity.

If you love fragrances like Dolcelisir, Eau des Baux, Tabac Rouge and you find a good price for it(40-50$), I guess would be a reasonable safe blind buy for you.

Is miles away better that many of the newer designer releases, like Ch Prive, Spicebomb Extreme or La nuit Intense!

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