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MSCRoman 2 years ago 1
He knows how to sling the rose
I don't like rose perfumes. It is SO EASY to mess them up, and make them not much more than a big, sweet, velvety club to beat someone in the nose with. I like the influence of rose in other fragrances, but I really don't like it to be center stage.

Douglas Little gets rose in a way that I really appreciate. I've sampled quite a bit of the Heretic line, and most of them have some sort of rose note, but not once have I found myself screaming "AAHHHHH! ROOOOOOSE!" as I run to wash it off.

I love Florgasm. It isn't ruined by a big rosy brute that takes over the party. Flower Porn is also rose-but-not-rose in a way that I really like, but it does something unexpected. It opens with a riot of floral notes, as you would expect, but then the green notes start to creep in, and before you realize it, it has transformed itself from a wild, sensual, floral orgy, into something just as sexy but more grown-up, more restrained. Dare I say dignified? You GO with the galbanum, Douglas Little. What a nice surprise.

I agree that this is a scent both men and women can wear. It's a little non-binary, and a lot of fun.
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MSCRoman 3 years ago 3
This understands what it is supposed to be
I don't write reviews, because I am opinionated about a lot of things, and I understand the path through the fragrances of one's life is a highly personal journey. You might love things that send me running in horror (rose, lavender, mint). You might have no love for some of my favorite things (tuberose, lily-of-the valley, freesia). Because of this, I keep my opinions mostly to myself, and just post short statements that will be hopefully useful to the reader regardless of their personal taste. Or at least entertaining, lol.

Caroline Blicq at Hexennacht starting releasing batches of soliflore type perfumes in 2019, and she has come up with some marvelous successes. Pamplemousse is one of the those successes. It deserves a few accolades for being EXACTLY what it is supposed to be, and then a surprising little bit more.

It smells like grapefruit, but better. It is juicy, bright, fresh, energizing, and just a little bit sweet. It does all this while still smelling very much like the grapefruit it represents, and yet also smelling more like a perfume than a fruit or any other kind of food.

I don't understand the appeal of gourmands, as popular as they are, because I can't imagine wanting to smell like food to someone. I use perfume to elevate my mood, to introduce myself to strangers as a friendly person, to entice intimate partners to come closer and many other reasons that have nothing to do with presenting myself to the world as "edible". So I am especially pleased to say that this lovely little creation does everything a single-note fragrance should, while also making it smell like an intentionally chosen scent instead of like someone who has been slicing grapefruit all morning who failed to wash their hands afterward.

I give this a ten out of ten, not because it is daring, or experimental, or artful and complex. I give it a perfect score because it achieves perfectly the expectations we have of soliflore scents. It is my opinion (and we know I have many) that anyone seeking a grapefruit note to wear on its own, or layer with other things, needs to go no further than this.

Caroline, you nailed it. :)
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