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MadameVizardMadameVizard 18 months ago
oudTouch - Franck Olivier

oudTouch Lord of Darkness
If you are looking for a truly magnificent oud perfume at a very afforadable price, you have to check this one. It has very little to envy to much more expensive niche and desingners oud perfumes. Oud Touch is mostly about roses and oud. Dark,...

MadameVizardMadameVizard 18 months ago
Silences (Eau de Parfum Sublime) - Jacomo

Silences (Eau de Parfum Sublime) Après la Pluie
Silences Eau Sublime could have been the missing link between Chanel nº 19 and Clinique Wrappings. It shares the same greeness of other ilustrious perfumes of the seventies: Chanel Nº 19, Alliage, Private Collection. However, Silences Eau Sublime...


MadameVizardMadameVizard 3 years ago
Thank you so much :)
AnessaAnessa 3 years ago
A hearty welcome to Parfumo, MadameVizard, and wishing you a pleasant time here! :-)