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Maggy4uMaggy4u Glad to be here :) 2 years ago

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Maggy4uMaggy4u 6 months ago
Meandering Soul - Christèle Jacquemin

Meandering Soul Escaping Taipei
This fragrance was created after a month in an artist's residence in Taipei. Christèle experienced the volume and hustle and constant buzzy of the metropolis as sometimes uncomfortable and distracting. All the more she has tried to find relief in the nights...

Maggy4uMaggy4u 8 months ago
The Great Gatsby - Ormonde Jayne

The Great Gatsby For Jay
On the occasion of the 2019 London Craft Week, from 8 to 12 of May, the Art Deco Lobby of The Beaumont Hotel in Mayfair became an illustrious venue for very special olfactory encounters. The imaginary founder of the hotel, Jimmy Beaumont, had asked renowned...

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Dominated by sour grapefruit and non-sacral frankincense. An oriental with saffron, cardamom, light resins, musk and some fruit.


So happy together
So happy together
SHL wäre stolz :)
SHL wäre stolz :)


SinkinggradeSinkinggrade 6 months ago
Serious buyer and with conversation. My pleasure.
ArjoteraArjotera 1 year ago
Thank you Maik for our transaction. Excellent experience dealing with you. 5***** Seller.
Kind regards
TetrodoxTetrodox 2 years ago
Many thanks for hosting the split of "Oud 777" and sending my share quickly. It was a pleasure dealing with you! Greetings from Belgium!
AlexxisAlexxis 2 years ago
Thank you Maik for our transaction. Excellent experience dealing with you. Happy New Year!
LiisaLiisa 3 years ago
I am so happy with my new perfumes, thank you! It is looking a lot like Christmas already :-).
MiaTrostMiaTrost 3 years ago
Dear M, Thanks for the generous samples! Pleasure trading with you. :)