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L'Homme Lacoste to my nose is summer scent leaning towards the fruity sweet side.
I managed to pick this up at a reasonable price and overall i am quite happy with the scent I find it a nice fragrance for the office or casual occasions . I like the presence of the Rhubarb note which is quite creative and offers something different. I dont get much of the orange note maybe a hint of the mandarin. I do get some sweetness from Vanilla and amber on the dry down after 30 mins or so. Also there is a dried fruit note to my nose.

The only negative would be longevity as i have to reapply it after 3 hours or so but not a big deal. Projection is average. It would be difficult to overspray this as quite a pleasant scent that's not too overpowering or cloying. I like the bottle design which reminds me of Guerlain Ideal. The cap fits very well . Sprayer is average. This would be a good blind buy or purchase if bought for a good price.

Quite a decent offering from Lacsote.

7.5 out of 10

7 Awards
Finally I have got my hands on Bright Neroli by Ferrari. After seeing quite a few positive reviews online of this I decided to purchase it. It was quite hyped up. After wearing this now several times I can say this is a very clean fresh smell. I get Neroli / Lemon citrus and some Orange notes on the opening. After 20 mins or so it starts to settle down and I start to get some Vetiver coming through with perhaps just a hint the patchouli.

This is a light and inoffensive scent which would be hard to over spray. Bright Neroli would make an ideal work or casual scent . It can be used all year round but ideally its a spring / summer scent . Not a projection beast by any means but it should have decent silage for first couple of hours after 4 or 5 sprays The longevity seems to be about average but nothing special.

Bright Neroli is often compared to Neroli Portifino by Tom ford but I can not comment on this as I have not smelled this scent.

I can see why its marketed as a Unisex fragrance although as it settles down and reacts with my skin it smells more towards the masculine side. I dont know if this a compliment getter but you will smell clean and fresh and should leave a good impression.

The bottle is very elegant and also has some real weight to it. The faux leather on the metal cap is a nice touch.

Overall I think Bright Neroli is a a well blended sent that merits some of the hype.

Great value. Good scent

A solid 8/10 overall

Chrome is a fresh clean aquatic fragrance by the house of Azzaro which was released in 1998. I have a newer reformulated version so my review is based on this version .

This scent opens to my nose with a sharp citrus / lemon notes which are provided by the bergamot and the grapefruit. Also I get a little ginger and some florals. There is also some sweetness provided by the amber which comes through more on the dry down with some wood notes,

It is leans a little towards the synthetic side but i find it to be a well balanced fragrance which is inoffensive. There is some likeness to CK One by Calvin Klein but I find this to be more on the masculine because of the wood notes in the background. Also it is more complex to my nose.

Azzaro Chrome would make a good daytime work or Casual scent which is ideal for spring or summer. It is very clean and fresh smelling and does have a good aquatic vibe.

I get decent longevity on my skin 7-8 hours . Silage and projection is average perhaps leaving a nice scent trail for first 2 - 3 hours . I would go 5 or 6 sprays as not a heavy fragrance. I like the bottle design although I think a proper metallic cap instead of plastic would have been a nice touch.

Overall quite solid 7.5 / 10

2 Awards
Moschino Uomo? is a fresh aromatic woody scent released by the house of Moschino. This is a very classy underated masculine citrus Italian scent. Although released in 1997 it does not smell too dated. I get the velvety lemon notes from the Kumquat and also some sage on the opening and then the woods and cinnamon come more into play on the dry down. There is a little sweetness perhaps coming from the cinnamon leaf and wood accords

I think Uomo? is a very versatile scent which could suit any occasion but personally I think it works best for an office or work environment. Also I think this fragrance could be a compliment getter so it would work as an evening scent as well. I find the scent to have quite good longevity, around 7-8 hours . It is not a heavy fragrance so it has average projection and silage. I like the bottle design and although it has a plastic cap it fits very well with a secure click.

This fragrance is also very inexpensive and because of the versatility and its uniqueness of notes I think this would be a great purchase.

Overall 8.5

5 Awards
Reveal is an Autumn / Winter scent from the house of Calvin Klein. This is one of the better releases from CK in my opinion. It is a sweet and boozy scent perhaps touching the gourmand area. There is pear brandy, Tonka bean and amber notes which seem to be blended well. There is a little spiciness also but cant detect from which note.

Reveal has good Longevity and also the silage to me is above average on my skin. This scent tends to be overlooked and it is usually inexpensive. If you are a fan of sweeter boozy fragrances with some body this i think would be a decent buy and worthy of collection . I dont think this would be an everyday office scent as it could be perhaps be too much for some noses but more of an evening scent or something to cut through cold Winters day.

A decent winter scent which is underrated in my opinion

Overall 7.5

4 Awards
Acqua di Giò Profumo is a very good summer fragrance by Alberto Morillas . When i wear this the scent it reminds me of the beach and sea on a hot summers day. The aquatic notes give the fragrance a real salty sea air vibe that seems to be blended to perfection to my nose. Also there is hint of smokiness provided by frankincense. It smells very uplifting clean and masculine. I dont get too much spiciness but get some of base note of patchouli.

I think this fragrance is versatile but probably leans more towards social occasions at night either smart or casual. Although mainly a spring /summer fragrance i don't see any problem wearing this on a cold frosty day as this will cut through the air without issue. It has good solid projection 2 -3 hours after applying and will also leave a nice silage trail. Also I find that the longevity is good with this. The bottle design is ok and has some transparency to see the remaining aftershave.

A fine scent.

Overall 8.5 /10

2 Awards
Armani Code by the house of Giorgio Armani is great masculine scent. It has a really bright and fresh opening with some sweetness provided by the tonka bean note. I get a hint of mint also possibly provided by the star anise. While i dont have a a good nose for individual notes I dont get the tobacco as listed but I do get some woodiness after the dry-down, I find that this does leave a good scent trail after applying. Longevity for me is average around 5 - 6 hours. It will project depending on skin type for the first 2 - 3 hours. Armani Code is a versatile scent and could work as a good day or night scent. My only negative is the price seems a bit over inflated.

The bottle design is slender and modern and it is easy to use when applying. Although the dark glass seems opaque there is some transparency and you can see remaining juice in certain light,

Overall score 8/10

2 Awards
Presence is a a well blended scent from the house of Montblanc. It is a very pleasing fragrance and holds some similarities to L'Homme by Yves Saint Laurent. I find it well balanced by Corinne Cachen. The scent opens with cinnamon, apple and some ginger. Once the scent settles down some of the other notes start to come through a little more. Presence is a very fresh and clean and is very versatile and it could be worn in any occasion and is ideal for the workplace.

The longevity is slightly above average on my skin, Projection is decent but subtle. I like the the bottle design but the only negative is the cap on the bottle appears to be a very loose when closed and comes off easily. This is only a minor issue.

Overall a solid 7.5/10

1 Awards
Narciso for Him - This for me smells too musky and has a dark vibe to it. Something about this fragrance reminds me of the musty smell of a damp concrete building and is not pleasant. Although it has good projection and silage I think this is over rated and I fail to appreciate the scent.

I regret the purchase!

1 Awards
Next Edition is an interesting scent from Next. Sweet Vanilla with some citric notes. It has a gourmand appeal. The downside is that the projection is slight and Longevity is average to weak. I definitely get a small similarity to D&G The One. This could be ideal for close encounter night occasions perhaps a date scent? It starts to sit closer to the skin after 1-2 hours. A good cheapy scent and for the price it could be something different.

A nice scent let down by performance.

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