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Montblanc Individual in my opinion is the best releases from this house. A very clean and aromatic fresh scent. There is also some sweetness provided by the Tonka bean, Raspberry and the Vanilla notes, There is more than a resemblance to Creed Santal as mentioned on various reviews although this was released first, Also it has been compared to the original Joop. although only slightly. This more refined and not as cloying as Joop . If you dont want to spend too much on a fragrance or just want to add this to a collection this is perfect.

Occasion wise this could be worn all year round apart form extreme heat as there is some sweetness but this is purely subjective, Montblanc Individual is perfect for work environment or socialising during the day or night. The projection / Silage is good for the first 3-4 hours and also above average longevity. Go easy on the trigger as this could potentially be over sprayed depending on skin type. This would make a good blind buy and I have to say this is a quality of this release from Montblanc.

The bottle design is simple but effective.

Overall scent 8.0

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Montblanc Legend Spirit is a good casual scent for the spring or summer. I think it is a very versatile fragrance and it would probably make a good work scent. Ideal for casual occasions but no reason why this could not be worn for more formal event also. Legend Spirit has a well blended opening and is has some sweetness but is also clean, fresh and invigorating It has the potential to collect complements. I get slightly above average projection / silage for the first 1 to 2 hour after that its starts getting closer to the skin. Longevity 6- 7 hours.

The white and chrome colour scheme of the bottle is a solid enough design but the downside is the bottle its totally opaque. it would have been nice to a have a small section to see the amount of visible juice remaining.

Overall scent 7.5/10

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Icon is a great release from the house of Dunhill. A very classy masculine and clean fragrance with some warmth provided by the cardamom and leather notes. I think this would make a great scent when wearing out on social or casual occasions day or night. It could also be a work place scent but go easy on the spays as it is fairly strong. It bares some similarities to terre d'hermes but I find this more refined with more depth. Its been very well put together by perfumer Benaim. The bottle design is also excellent and has real weight to it and it really stands out with the turned metal effect casing. A great classy design. There is some clear glass at the bottom so you can gauge how much of Icon remains,

I get good silage / projection for the first couple of hours then maybe starting to sit a little bit closer to the skin. Also it has good longevity on my skin. I have the odd compliment when wearing this and you will get noticed with the scent trail from the silage.

This would be a good addition to any collection whether an avid collector or just wanting a good quality aftershave.

Overall 9/10 Excellent !

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Bleu de Chanel parfum is a good versatile scent for the work place or casual occasions. I think you would find it hard to offend anyone when wearing this. A very clean and professional scent. In my opinion this may be the ideal scent for an interview. I think It would also make a good date scent as you may get compliments. Projection / scent trail is decent for first couple of hours. You can smell the fragrance on clothes a good few hours after applying. The bottle is very classy and has an elegance about it.

Decent Longevity. Overall 8/10

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