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MarMar1970MarMar1970 5 days ago
Black Panther - Alexandria Fragrances

Black Panther Citrus/Woody Beast!
I've never smelled Tygar, but if it smells like Black Panther, it's a banger. This fragrance is a beast on my skin. It projects strong for at least 3 hours on me and lasts 8-10 hours and longer if you spray your clothes. I've gotten multiple...

MarMar1970MarMar1970 1 month ago
Missoni Wave - Missoni

Missoni Wave Love It, But!
This is a very nice fragrance. Got it in the mail yesterday and was love at first sniff. Unfortunately, something in it gives me a really bad allergic reaction. I had to take allergy pills to keep me from non-stop sneezing. Whatever chemicals they...