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A great skanky & animalic floral scent. Best Mona's work in my opinion. Vetiver, amber, jasmine, musks. Unisex & a bit indecent. Night & Sex
What an outstanding blend. Best ALD to date. So satisfying... If you want to experience oud, look no further; & do get a back up now. Heaven
A work for kings. A 10. Rose cannot get any better. Bold & opulent: spectacular. It is so dark & rich... & poisoned... Wear it & be the one.
M M - Puredistance - 30 days ago
I seek for perfection, not for novelty. M is what Moschino PH tried to be. Mature, modern, sexy, dark, classy... A black tie masterpiece.
Aoud Aoud - Roja Parfums - 2 months ago
OG Extrait. No artisanal rose-oud get close to this piece of perfection; what a masterpiece. Class, dark, all-seasons, sexy. A 10 out of 10.
1 - 5 of 35