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One of the most influential scents of all time: androgynous, dark-green, MOSSY, bold, aggresive and a complete masterclass in blending - OG.
Best third collection's work & a delight. Complex, masculine, the most unique & satisfying AA since Al-Jazzab. Deep, sensuous & mysterious.
One of the greatest drydowns ever made: ambrette, ambergris, jasmine, Roja's may rose & 'that' nugmet. This is dark, opulent & old world.
If there is a D&Z that needs a Part II, this is it. Noir, potent, masculine. The type of scent that you wear when you want to be the one.
Al-Jazzab Al-Jazzab - Agar Aura - 29 days ago
Cloves, roses, some clean oud smoke that you can perceive from 4-5 meters for hours. My favorite and most complex Agar Aura. A delight.
1 - 5 of 28