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Meaning idle banter, chit chat and/or gossip, Bavardage hits the spot for Old World Charm. Testing a mico mini vintage, from the 60´s perhaps. This is NICE perfume. I am surprized. I smell a mixture between Ma Griffe and Chanel No 5. It opens with a sparkling aldehyde splash. I cannot detect individual notes but it reminds me of other perfumes of the 50s and 60s. Not bad. Not bad at all.

Lived in Jamaica for 11 years and actually met Dr. Benjamin and his lovely wife. Today, I test a vintage mini, from the 70´s maybe. The vintage Khus Khus was very nice and quite heavy on the vetiver. It is a nice powdery scent, a little tiny bit spicy, and baby powderish, I find it soft and very lovely indeed. Not too sweet. Khus Khus is now made under Parfums Jamaica, so I am not sure if it is the same formulation. Jamaica is often known for kicking out some big talent in many areas, and this product is one fine example of the excellence pursued on this island.

This perfume opens with a few boozy notes and some interesting notes in that, but quickly transforms to a very plain, and quite synthetic mix. Cloying and plastic like. Now the funny thing is, that the dry down is SO SO SO nice.....

Yum. This is a really lovely dry cologne. Very light. Citrus and then dry notes. Vetiver and others. Very light and fresh. Not at all sweet but herbaceous. Top notes are a little soapy, but the dry down is very fast and really lovely. Easily for a woman also.

This is a nice light non cloying, non fruity, non musk, non civet, floral. To me, its main strength is its gentleness. Very classic perfume. I am trying a vintage mini.

Swanky Danky doo. Wozy. Tonight I review a vintage EDT Belle de Rauch. Hands down way better to me than Chanel No. 5. It is very sexy. A bit like Coco Chanel original, like Bakir GM also, like Creature. Super duper classy. Smells like how the inside of ladies handbags used to smell years ago. Powder, leather, lipstick, musk, metal of compacts, linen hanky, note book, pencil, hairbrush

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For me, 1985, is not so old time, but for many it is. This is a very nice classic cologne. Never in a million years would I guess that it is from Adidas. I would have thought a more upmarket house for sure. Now it is a spice based, cologne, along with the 4711 type elements. It is sweeter and spicier than 4711, but much softer than say an Old Spice. It is light and elegant. I received a 2 oz full splash bottle in a lot and gave it to my husband, but may take it back it is nice for a woman too. No modern overbearing musks and things. Quite a simple fragrance, but very nice. Like a single rose on the restaurant table.

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Oh My... Only a tiny drop left in a very old mini. Light pink bakelite top. Like fine cognac, she has aged beautifully. Top notes gone but oh what a base. It has that same lovely powder of L´Heure Bleue, a tiny tiny hint of burnt rubber but oh so trace. I find these old beauties can be aged in a way that still makes them interesting and pleasant. They can be sweet without being cloying.

Floral, clean. Elegant and classy. Clean lined and crisp. Not cloying, nor overly sweet. I really like this one. The coriandre is prominent, which is great by me.

Baruffa is a floral. It is a blend which is most pleasing. It has punch but is much more delicate than some other florals. There is a little spice also. I think this may be considered a Floriental. I think there is rose in it also. Aldehydes are there but not overwhelming. It has a Chanel 5 quality to it, also Joy in it.

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