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RescentRescent 10 years ago
How sweet of you. Thanks for the welcome.
TeaTea 10 years ago
Thank you for the kind welcome.
TraxTrax 10 years ago
Thank you for the welcome! Have a great day! :)
Moni43Moni43 10 years ago
Dear Marie, welcome on board!!! Have a very nice time!!!
PyarkaalooPyarkaaloo 10 years ago
Hello Mariella! thanks for the warm welcome!! :) oh my, your perfume collection is lovely! Bvlgari pour Femme is magnificent ;) i am indeed sure i'll love my stay here, thank you!
Mill4r4Mill4r4 10 years ago
Thank you for the welcome to the site. :-)
KarinaMKarinaM 10 years ago
thanks for the welcome :) great to be here
SophiSophi 10 years ago
Thanks Mari!I'd certainly enjoy being here :)
KosmoskukkaKosmoskukka 10 years ago
Hello, nice to meet You Mari. I hope to see You very often. *Hugs*
RobVMRobVM 10 years ago
Hi, nice to meet you! So, you can cook pasta... well, next time I'll invite you for lunch and challenge you!! ;)
CrimsonIdol8CrimsonIdol8 10 years ago
Thank you for the warm welcome! I WILL have fun reading and discovering. Ta!
TriplexTriplex 10 years ago
thank you for the welcome:)
FlannelmanFlannelman 10 years ago
Hey :) Thanks for the welcome!
Taurus1967Taurus1967 10 years ago
My wall was like a virgin. ;-)

Greetings! :-)
MonsieurMonsieur 10 years ago
But I was firster... :-P
You are supposed to have the ability to write in English... *eyes-rollski*
I wish You a good slide [;-)] or: Happy New Year! :-)

"Scotty, beam me up" - "Scotty!!!" - "You bloody Scotsman - didn't I instruct You not to drink during work...?!"
LouceLouce 10 years ago
Amazing, how your breezing works in English, too!
DannyboyDannyboy 10 years ago
Thanks. Why a Polish site? In the end Darth Otter would take over anyway.
DannyboyDannyboy 10 years ago
And a huge can of espresso, por favor!
MonsieurMonsieur 10 years ago
Fihiiirst!!! :-D

I also can write in English... :-P