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Henri Salvador released "Mon Jardin d'Hiver" in 2000 when he was 83 years old. It was the comeback of one of the best known artists in france who's career began before World War II and shows a lot of versatitlity. His presence and charm as well as the style of his music resemble the men of the Buena Vista Social Club, not astounding as Salvador has caribbean roots himself. The song tells a story of the beauty of a wintergarden and love in great age, the winter of life. It talks about pictures of the sea, the light of New England, breakfast on the floor and a woman in a flowerdress who wants to be conquered and kissed.

Mon Jardin d'Hiver picks up these pictures and begins fresh and with a juicy & bright green color. There is a high humidity in the wintergarden, the condensed water runs down the window panes and a lot of plants are lined up in a row. Bitter orange gives a sweet and tart kick to it and the lavender that follows may not fit into the atmosphere of the climate, but it brings a refreshing spicy twist to the scent. The rose can't bloom here, maybe she blooms in front of the door and can only be seen through the windows, but amber brings it down to a harmonic & good end.

This green scent is a bit too pleasant and round to me. I miss some edges, although it's not done badly. Maybe it needs more warmth and humidity to unfold its whole beauty. It should get a second chance next summer.

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LôMusk is one of the scents from Santi Burgas that leaves me quite clueless.
The promised cuddly sweetness stays with me for 10 minutes. Then it becomes quite wet, very wet. Water pouring in from all sides…

You see people cliff diving, skinny dipping in the ocean, water dripping from tanned, buff (men's) bodies and some Beach Boys surfin' song is playing on the radio.

This is not something new.
You'll find some cheaper alternatives in every well-sorted drugstore that scream fresh and sporty.

The surf isn't dangerous, the wave is in fact not perfect. So it rather ends with a bellyflop than with the surf of your life.

1 - 10 of 98