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MasterLiMasterLi 2 years ago
Oud Malaki - Khalis / خالص

Oud Malaki A deep, fruity kind of oud...
I like this one. A very nice, inoffensive oud which is very accessible for those who love orientals and unisex fragrances. I have tried another fragrance from this house, called "oudi" which I like very much, and which also has pieces...

MasterLiMasterLi 2 years ago
Oud Malaki - Al Aneeq

Oud Malaki Royal Oud...
So this is a new perfume house for me. The house of Al Aneeq is a British perfume brand making Arabian, Oriental-style perfumes and fragrances. This fragrance, Oud Malaki, means "Royal Oud" in Arabic. I find this to be an oud version of the Serge Lutens...



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