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12 days ago
Laveau by Alkemia

Laveau„Sultry Oriental Mix...”
This is another great value oil by Alkemia. The story goes that this is based on a charmed recipe from Marie Laveau, a high voodoo priestess in New Orleans in the 1800's. A recipe for love, luck and success. We know that certain smells and oils carried great...

23 days ago
West Indian Extract of Limes (Cologne) by Geo. F. Trumper

West Indian Extract of Limes (Cologne)„Fleeting yet authentic Lime...”
I have tried a few lime fragrances, and can say that this one does open with a very authentic burst of freshly cut lime. I have lime essential oil, and can tell you that the oil used here is of a high quality. No other ingredient need be used, because...



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