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MasterLiMasterLi 113 days ago
Elite (Aftershave) - Floris

Elite (Aftershave) Dark Green Old Fashioned Fragrance...
So, I’ve been wearing this one often, and I have mixed feelings regarding it. It’s very much an old fashioned herbal style of fragrance. It has a very green and balmy air to it. I get the bergamot,juniper berry, lavender...

MasterLiMasterLi 114 days ago
Aramis Tobacco Reserve - Aramis

Aramis Tobacco Reserve Sweet, Green, & Aged Tobacco blend...
This is a good tobacco fragrance. The house of Aramis has done this before, with Havana. Whereas that one was more spicy and green, this is more musty and sweet. I love the vanilla here and it balances with the dry, musty tobacco....



DonVanVlietDonVanVliet 5 years ago
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MiaTrostMiaTrost 6 years ago
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