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MatriarchMatriarch 9 years ago
Ysatis (Eau de Toilette) - Givenchy

Ysatis (Eau de Toilette) Super Feminine, Perfectly Balanced & Almost Certainly Emulated by Elizabeth Taylor's White Diamonds
A favorite of mine over the past twenty years, I've gone through too many bottles of this sweet juice to count! It's a shame that it has been reformulated and has lost...

MatriarchMatriarch 9 years ago
Hope (Perfumed Cologne) - Frances Denney

Hope (Perfumed Cologne) First Love and Hope Perfume by Frances Denney
I was surprised to see that Hope was not listed among the fragrances already reviewed, so for my first review, I will start at the beginning....for me at least. It was the summer of 1987; the summer of Mario, my first...


ApiciusApicius 9 years ago
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