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Vivacité(s) de Bach - Les Fleurs de Bach

Vivacité(s) de Bach Heal thyself with perfume!
I came across Vivacité(s) de Bach a few years ago when my fellow perfumista and friend Nikos gave me his sample, more as a test to my weird taste in perfume as I later realised, than an introduction to a new marvel. To his nose it is an olfactive...

MemoryOScentMemoryOScent 9 years ago
Man Pure (Eau de Toilette) - Jil Sander

Man Pure (Eau de Toilette) too good to be forgotten
Jil Sander Man Pure is a dear old favourite. If my memory serves me well it was the second perfume I ever bought and I have a vague recollection of buying it in an airport in the mid 80?s. Not to be confused with the woody aquatic Jil Sander...

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Carnations steeped in wine
Does anyone know why this is so obscure? Nowhere to be found in Europe and extremely rare online

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MemoryOScentPrince 3121: girls and boys, tuberose and vetiver, flowers and rubber
I have nothing to add to what has already been said about the life and passing of Prince Rogers Nelson. What made him great is undeniable. The mere fact that he played the guitar, bass, keyboards and drums at a level that granted him a position in the top players of these instruments would have been enough....

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MemoryOScentMy nose is still alive
First post after a very long while


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I really miss your fantastic reviews, it would be great, if you could explain your opinion on other perfumes as well :-)
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Thank you for the warm welcome! This is MemoryOfScent but I had to drop a letter to fit the 12 character rule of the site. It is nice to find a friendly welcome here!
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Hello MoS! Very nice to see you here among our small but friendly and international community. (-;
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Welcome to Parfumo, MemoryOScent. Nice to have you here.
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Hello MemoryOScent, welcome on board.
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HelloMemoryOScent, welcome to Parfumo! I wish you a lot of fun here!