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№ 03 - Lonestar Memories - Tauer Perfumes

№ 03 - Lonestar Memories Wild west
Many perfume "colleagues" use to criticize Touer's work, idk why, Tauer is really likable and transparent person, probably because of bad sprayers (they are really bad, but that doesn't matter when using perfume)(if he decide to change the bottles and caps...

MericaPericaMericaPerica 10 months ago
Erolfa - Creed

Erolfa The soul of Creed
I always have a "problem" , which fragrance should i choose in the moments when I cant "breath" of a high heat... Now i know, for the high heat just perfect is good ehougnt... It must be refreshing (not bitter), it must not smell a like sometnhing...


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