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83 days ago
Floriental by Comme des Garçons

Floriental„censer of senses”
This was given to me as a gift by someone i love without me testing/sampling it before i received it. It is one of my favorite perfumes, if not my most favorite. The "FLORIENTAL" constellation has incense drenched in labdanum as its gravitational force and all other...

83 days ago
Valentino Noir Absolu Oud Essence by Valentino

Valentino Noir Absolu Oud Essence„hmmmm next!”
I tried both Valentino Noir absolu Musc essence and oud essence today. On the blotter strip, Musc essence was sooo shockingly lacking any fragrance.It was more like nuances from really really far away, so i didn't spray it on me. On the other hand Oud essence, was the exact...


ZagoZago 17 months ago
Perfect deal with "MiaSma". Everything arrived fast and safe, with extra samples! Thanks!!
MiaTrostMiaTrost 21 months ago
Yasou MiaSma, and welcome to Parfumo! Enjoy the site and have a good time.