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MiaTrostMiaTrost 7 years ago
Cannabis - Il Profvmo

Cannabis All Sizzle No Steak
If your are looking for anything remotely resemblant of marihuana, you won't find it in Cannabis. Instead, the fragrance borrows from Jungle L'Éléphant with its attempt to pack a punch of spice into amber. Sweet spiciness is the common denominator...

MiaTrostMiaTrost 8 years ago
38°N 16°E - Richard Lüscher Britos

38°N 16°E Premature ending in Calabria
Richard Lüscher Britos Terroir Perfumes are designed to tell an individual story of a specific place and capture a 'terroir'. 38°N 16°E (Reggio di Calabria) is an all-natural journey to Southern Italy's olfactory characteristics....

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Fabulous fruity-floral rendition, grounded in resins. Dries down revealing a sweet & powdery muskiness – in that a tad synthetic perhaps.
Lemon-drop-candy vibe but the spearmint-galbanum combo is lovely. Overall a brief affair, as it's almost gone in less than an hour.
Wonderful woody iris at first. Cedar, eucalyptus and spices make for a cleverly chilled floral. Pity its drydown is a synthetic letdown.
Quintessentially gourmand. Smells like a box of cheap chocolates - some are with liqueur, others are heavy on vanillin. All in all hideous.
Boring. Its dominant synthetic oudh accord verges on repugnant. Measured by the lofty price tag SHL attached, this one borders on shameless!
Lush, milky fig & creamy sandalwood. Honey & beeswax provide a delicate gourmandish sweetness. Lovely! Sadly the drydown is dusty & stale.
Fairly promising at first; woody, spiced up tobacco and a touch of incense. Alas, it soon collapses into synthetic blandness. Disappointing.
Nice cardamom opening morphing into a spiced up tuberose. Cacao? Nil. Good diffusion yet rapidly losing in volume. Dull and flimsy finish.
For a focus on lily look elsewhere. This is luscious tropical white flowers with polished demeanour. Lovely. But it can't dethrone Songes.
This uninspired damsel in distress is more greenish-aquatic than metallic. Flanked by a feeble lily and some waxy musk, she performs poorly.

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MiaTrostMiaTrost 8 years ago
The end of perfumery as we know it?
Not quite ready to accept that nothing can be done about fragrance reformulation in the name of consumer safety, I have been reading on the EU's plans to sharpen its cosmetics regulation. Rather horrified, I though I had better shared my newly acquired insights with... More


Mia Troost, 1927
Mia Troost, 1927
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Serge Lutens for Shisei...
Serge Lutens for Shisei...
Serge Lutens for Shisei...
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